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No. The copyright laws were not invented at that time. Which is why everyone prints The Mona Lisa on Birthday cards, postcards and sings songs about it. The song "Mona Lisa by Tony Bennett" has a copyright on it. Because Bennett wrote and performed it and made it famous. However, just because the underlying work is "old" and not copyrighted does not mean you can take anyone else's copy and use it! Each "new" copy of the Mona Lisa painting could have "creative" differences that merit separate protection. For example, you can't copyright the Grand Canyon, but everyone who takes a picture of it owns the copyright of that picture.

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Q: Is there any Copyright protection on da Vinci's Mona Lisa?
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Why was the Mona Lisa important?

because the mona lisa was leonardo de vincis freinds wife look it up

What is Leonardo da vincis favorite subject of matter?

mona lisa

What were leonardo da vincis famous paintings?

The most famous paintings Leonardo da vincis were : The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper

Which is one of Leonard da vincis most famous paintings?

The Mona Lisa is Leonard da Vincis most famous paintings.

What is Leonardo da vincis known for?

Painting the Mona Lisa & The Last Supper

Is there any copyright for the Mona Lisa?

No. The original painting is in the public domain. However individual interpretations (photographs, paintings, etc) of the Mona Lisa can be protected as copyrighted works.

Why is Leonardo da vincis famous?

He painted many famous paintings (most famous for The Mona Lisa) and discovered many things about human anatomy, math, and more. he was famous for being an artist and a scientist at the same time.

What is the name of Leonardo da vincis famous smiling painting?

It is The Mona Lisa, an oil on panel painted circa 1505 and at the Louvre in Paris.

Who is Lisa del Giocondo?

The woman in the painting called the 'Mona Lisa'.

What was Da Vincis best work?

One of Leonardo Da Vinci's best work of arts was the Mona Lisa. The second best was The Last Supper. That's opinional

What is Mona Lisa surname?

mona lisa

When did the mona Lisa invented?

The Mona Lisa was not invented, but painted. Please look up "When was the Mona Lisa Painted" and you will have an answer. -Someone who has done about 15 essays about the Mona Lisa

Why was Mona Lisa named what it was named?

Well you probably refer Mona Lisa as the painting because you said, 'it' so I am not going to tell you why Mona Lisa(the person) was named. Mona Lisa(the painting) was just named Mona Lisa because that is the name of the woman inside the painting. :)

Is mona Lisa dead?

no mona lisa is a painting

Is Mona Lisa a saint?

No, Mona Lisa is not a saint.

What religion was Mona Lisa?

mona Lisa was a Sikh

Where did mona in mona Lisa come from?

lisa gherdhani

Where was Mona Lisa buried?

Mona Lisa was not an actual person. The Mona Lisa refers to a painting done by da Vinci.

Is the Mona Lisa haunted?

The Mona Lisa is a painting. Paintings are not haunted, unless you mean a building named the 'Mona Lisa' ?

Is mona Lisa smiling?

Before Da Vinci pained "Mona Lisa" Mona Lisa's child died so, she is not smiling.

What painting is lenardo famous for?

The Mona Lisa or the Smiling Woman The Mona Lisa or the Smiling Woman The Mona Lisa or the Smiling Woman

What actors and actresses appeared in Mona Lisa - 1939?

The cast of Mona Lisa - 1939 includes: Zarah Leander as Mona Lisa

What are the places that Mona Lisa is?

Mona Lisa is everywhere that there is a museum.

What is the price of the Mona Lisa?

The Mona Lisa is not for sale, and has no price.

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The Mona Lisa is happy.