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Yep. in Pokemon Diamond an Pearl on a R4 cart.


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u can not that only in hacked game >.<

Pokemon naranja is a hacked game. it is not licensed by Nintendo. so it is illegal.

Mewthree is simply a hacked Pokemon that does not exist in any Pokemon game. There is no Pokemon named Mewthree. Not officially; it's a hacked Pokemon.

If you have Pokemon indigo, you are playing a hacked and illegal game. You can be arrested for playing hacked games.

it is a hacked spanish game of pokemon!!

Hacked Pokemon come out as "bad eggs" if you try to put them on Pokemon Battle Revolution. But Pokesav'd Pokemon will go through fine.

the hacked version of course is hacked, it makes it have more money items etc but the not hacked one doesn't give you unlimited hp , money or items.

im sorry but you can't trade hacked pokemon.

It is a hacked Pokemon game, it was hacked from Pokemon FireRed If I remember correctly. You can download a ROM of it and play it and other GBA games on a VBA emulator.

you cant, its a Pokemon from chaos black which is a hacked version of Pokemon

pokemon snakewood is a hacked version

you cant be a Pokemon in pearl you are a person NO u can on hacked roms

It is an official Pokemon game made by Nintendo.

yes but it will be same but states will be diffrent and it will be in 1st fourm

Yes it is, but if through the GTS, the GTS will pick it up as a hacked Pokemon and refuse to put it on its servers.

i heard that in pokemon platinum a hacked pokemon made the same swarm stay for a week and it screwed up someone else's game but it shouldn't do anything.

Only official Pokemon games made by Nintendo are sold in stores. Hacked games aren't official games.

You mean how do you leave a building in Pokemon black

PM me for hacked Pokemon that LOOK legit if you want or just straight hacked Pokemon. I have Wi-Fi and will give you my friend code. (Starcruiser322)

Pokemon quartz is a hacked Game made by HACKERS CO. a,a Pokemon game hacker company.Here are all the fake games. 1.Pokemon quartz 2.Pokemon chaos black 3.Pokemon naranja 4.Pokemon zircon 5.Pokemon pearl(Hacked) 6.Pokemon diamond(Hacked) 7.Pokemon coral 8.Pokemon jade 9.Pokemon 1337 edition(The wierdest game of them all) 10.Pokemon pocket monsters 2002

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