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Q: Is there any beneficial by-products produce by hydro power?
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IS hydro electric power used in dams?

Dams can be used to produce hydro electric power

How is hydro power changed into other useful forms of energy?

Hydro power is used mainly to produce electricity .That happens in hydro power plants

What type of power does Norway produce?


What can hydro power do?

It could produce electricity for your home.

How do hydro power plant produce electricity?

By using water pressure to power generators.

What do Hydro-power plants produce on the Nigara river?

No such river can be found

How does hydro power produce in dams?

Hydroelectricity is produced by water flower through water turbines in the dam creating electricty. Thus hydro-power.

Which province is Canada's largest produce of hydro-electricity?

Well I live in BC and it does a lot of hydro power the the greatest is Quebec.

How electricity is generaed in south Africa?

Nuclear, Coal, Solar, Hydro and Gas Turbines. There are moves afoot to also generate power as byproducts of various factories.

Why nuclear would not be a good alternative to hydroelectric power?

If hydro power is available, go for it. Most places don't have enough water or height to produce much hydro though. I hope nobody has built nuclear where hydro is available.

What are the uses of hydro electric power?

Hydro power is using the power of water (dams, rivers, oceans) to generate electricity. The uses of electricity are everywhere, powering factories, offices, homes, kitchens and living rooms. To produce electricity

What are the sources of hydro power project?

what are sources of hydro power project