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Of course, if the sperm at all gets into the vagina then there is a high chance that the female will get pregnant.

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Q: Is there any chances of getting pregnant if men releases his sperm in the vagine while taking bath?
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Does taking a prenantal vitamin improve chances of getting pregnant?


Is there less chances of getting pregnant well taking amoxicillin for acne that is 875 mg?

No as a matter of fact if one is on the pill there is agreater risk of getting pregnant.

Can taking birth control symptoms be cofused with miscarriage?

birth control increases your chances of not getting pregnant

Do your chances of becoming pregnant while on the pill increase the more?

They do not. Taking the pill decreases the chance of getting pregnant, but it is still possible to become pregnant on the pill.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are taking Yaz and implanon?

It is extremely rare to get pregnant on the contraceptive implant. It is one of the most effective methods of reversible contraception.

Are there any chances of getting pregnant after taking emergency conterceptive pill?

If you take the I Pill within 48 hours you can be absolutely safe and sure you will not get pregnant.

Chances of getting pregnant after taking contraceptive pills?

. I believe they say the contraceptive pill is effective 97%-99%, so that would give a 1%-3% chance of getting pregnant.

Does taking prenatal vitamins improve your chances of having a healthy pregnancy?

Despite what you may have heard, taking prenatal vitamins won't increase your chances of getting pregnant, but it will certainly increase your chances of having a healthy baby once you are pregnant. See the Related Links section below for more information.

What are your chances of getting pregnant if you just started taking the pill and miss some days but you took a pill the night that you had unprotected sex?

The pill is not as effective if you are not consistant with taking the pill. You have a chance of getting pregnant, but no one here can give you a percentage. It is best to continue taking the pill until you know for sure if you are pregnant.

Can taking methadone for a certain length of time effect your chances of getting pregnant?

No, Pregnancy can still occur if methadone is being used.

Does taking narcotics decreases chances of getting pregnant?

In less cases yes but in most cases the chances increases that the person intaking narcotics develops a child with disorders or deformations.

Are chances higher for getting pregnant while taking prenatal vitamins?

No neither of these will effect a pregnancy test.