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here are some.......

free realms

Club Penguin


pirates online



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Are there any mermaid virtual worlds for kids?


Are virtual worlds bad for kids?

Virtual worlds are NOT bad for kids! The people that interact with your child are probably bad. Some are good, some are bad, but virtual worlds are not bad! Virtual worlds are created by people that want your children, teenagers, and adults to have fun when they are bored, or at any time! Their are many virtual worlds, so don't worry about not finding the one that fits you! Good luck! :) - Sally

Is there any virtual world for kids?

There is a lot of virtual worlds online pixiehollow, toontown, clubpenguin, and lots of other stuff

Are there any Harry Potter online virtual worlds for kids?

Well there's Pottermore for a start.

Are there any virtual worlds for teens?

IMVU that's quite cool and it isn't for girls just to say!

Is there any kids virtual worlds?

Yeah there is,, like panfu, club penguin, weemee.. and a few more :)

Are there any free virtual worlds to download?

yes i have tryed mcworld,secertbuliders,pixie hollow, there all cool

Any cool virtual worlds for girls? (For boys and girls) And many more!

Any virtual worlds for kids?

Here are some good virtual worlds you might enjoy! Hope i helped.

Are there any games like better life for kids?

Better Life does not actually exist however there are other virtual worlds suitable for kids.

Any free virtual worlds for kids 9-10?

yes there is. fantage. fantage is a wonderfull place. :).

Are there any good virtual worlds for kids 13?

Club Penguin, Poptropica, Neopets... Go and play with your friends.

Are there any virtual worlds?

Yes there are.

Are there any virtual worlds that you can kiss in?


Are there any virtual dolphin worlds?


Are there any virtual worlds where you can be a dragon?

Istaria, but you have to pay to actually be a dragon. Unless you want to try it, you can do a free trail. Its very cool.

Are there any other virtual worlds for kids to play for free?

you can go on and many more!

Is there any virtual worlds for kids were you can play as a vampire?

There is monster high where you can create a player and make it look like a vampire.

Do any virtual worlds start with A?


Is there any anime virtual worlds?

Tinier Me

Is there any bratz virtual worlds?

there is Be Bratz

Are there any virtual worlds that you can be an angel?

Are there any cheetah virtual worlds?

Well, there is a virtual cheetah! Ziti The Cheetah!

Is there any virtual worlds were you can have a boyfriend?

is there any website that you can have a boyfriend

Are there any dinosaur virtual online worlds?

One is Webosaur, Another is Exhibited, Another is Dinosawus, And LAst but not least. Dino Kids.