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Yes infact there are some horrid zoos that have a lot of cruelty towards the animals

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What do zoos do with there dead animals?

Zoos cremate their dead animals.

How many polar bears have died in zoos?

As nearly as 10,000 polar bears have died in zoos - from cruelty to overheating.

Are zoos good for animals?

Zoos are good for some animals but not all

How do animals end up in zoos?

will the animals mite be hart and the zoos people that get them .they rescue the animals

Shouldn't cruelty to animals be banned?

Cruelty to animals is illegal in most areas.

What is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?

RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

What do zoos provide for the animals?

zoos provide meat and food for the animals to eat.

Do zoos have good habitat for animals?

zoos dont have good habitat for animals

Are zoos clean?

Zoos are good if they aren't hurting the animals and they are in good living conditions.

How can zoos cause animals to get sick?

i think its because sometimes the animals can get the sickness from other animals in the zoos

Where do zoos get animals?

The wild and other zoos Today, most animals in zoos are bred at the zoo, were gifts from other zoos, other conservation groups, etc. Very few animals in zoos today are wild caught and placed in captivity.

Do zoos allow scienctists to study animals?

Not all zoos let scientists study their animals. Only certain types of zoos let them study their animals!

Do animals eat enough in zoos animals eat enough in zoos?

it depends on the zoo but, generally, zoos in the US take very good care of their animals.

How are animals fed in zoos?

It's the Zoo Keeper's job to feed the animals that they have in zoos.

Why do animals in zoos die prematurely?

animals die in zoos caused by stress and loneliness

How are animals abused in zoos?

some animals are hert and torchered in zoos sometimes zoos dont feed them the right amount to survive.

Do zoos have any educational purposes?

Yes. They have signs about the animals, they show animals in their natural habitats so that people can observe their behavior patterns, and many zoos have courses and tours that provide a lot of information about the animals.

Why should there not be any zoos?

There should not be zoos because animals lose their natural habitat.It is cruel to them as well.If some one says that the zoos should be there hen I'd say that well animals should have as much freedom as people.

Would animals being tested be animal cruelty?

YES testing animals is animal cruelty

When was Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals created?

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was created in 1824.

What are the advantages of keeping animals in zoos?

animals kept in zoos live longer and are pretected from extinction

Which zoos keep animals in cages?

Many many zoos keep most of their animals in cages!

What are the bad things about zoos for animals?

zoos kill animals for know resonkilled miya

When was Citizens Lobbying for Animals in Zoos created?

Citizens Lobbying for Animals in Zoos was created in 1996.

Are animals dangerd because of zoos?

yes, zoos don't give the animals enough space to do what they want, most zoos mistreat and abuse their animals when the animals don't do what they want them to do also zoos don't feed the animals enough if you look at some of the animals at a zoo they can be really skinny from were their not being fed enough

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