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Yes, "Matched" contains foreshadowing elements in the form of characters' dreams, subtle hints about the society's control, and Cassia's growing sense of curiosity and rebellious spirit. These hints subtly prepare the reader for the challenges and revelations that unfold later in the story.

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Q: Is there any foreshadowing in the book Matched?
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What is it called when you get a hint of something early in the book and then read about it later in the book?

Foreshadowing. A type of foreshadowing that deliberately misleads the audience is a red herring.

Is the book matched a childrens book?

Matched by Ally Condie is a young adult book.

What is the second book to Matched?

CROSSED is the next book to MATCHED. After that comes REACHED.

How can you make a sentence with the word foreshadowing?

By foreshadowing that he would die, he made the book less interesting.

How old is cassia in matched the book?

Cassia is 17 years old in the book "Matched" by Ally Condie.

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What are some literary devices in the book matched?

"Matched" by Ally Condie includes literary devices such as symbolism (the color green representing rebellion), foreshadowing (hints towards Cassia's rebellion), and imagery (descriptive language to create vivid scenes in the reader's mind). These devices enhance the storytelling and help convey deeper meanings throughout the novel.

Is there any foreshadowing in the book panic by Sharon Draper?

Yes, "Panic" by Sharon Draper contains foreshadowing elements that hint at future events throughout the story. These include characters making cryptic comments, recurring symbols or images, and a general sense of foreboding that builds suspense and tension for readers.

When is the sequel to the book Matched coming out?

The sequel to the book "Matched" is titled "Crossed" and it was released in 2011. It continues the story of Cassia Reyes and her struggle against a dystopian society.

Who wrote the book Matched?

Ally Condie

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