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What kind of games are you looking at-first person shooters,third person shooters, racing etc? If you play first and third person shooters, Call of duty modern warfare 3(fps) and Gears of war 3(tps) are awesome multiplayer games where you can play upto 4 players.Gears of war 2 supports only 2 player. In racing, almost all games are multiplayer....hope this helps

A LAN party is where multiple game players get together in one location, with multiple computers, to play a variety of multiple-player games. These can be local multi-player games, such as first person shooters, online multiplayer with other groups, or even massively multiplayer online games, such as World of Warcraft.

Well, we currently have (in genres):First Person Shooters (FPS)Sports GamesRole Playing Games (RPG)Adventure GamesThird Person ShootersArcade GamesMassively multiplayer online role playing game(MMORPG)Racing GamesReal Time Strategy GamesPlatform Games

in campaign you cant but in multiplayer and online you can. go to options and edit your person

Saints Row 2 does not have local multiplayer. However, you can play multiplayer in the same house with a system link.

It is not known who the oldest person on Club Penguin is. Club Penguin is a multiplayer online game that is set in a virtual world.

Smosh - 2006 1st Person Shooters Suck was released on: USA: 19 August 2011

Online Multiplayer Mode has up to 16 people. Campaign Mode is only 1 person

Probably one of the Call of Duty games if you like first person shooters. I don't know about other non-first-person shooters though.

There is a site called that offers online war games for free. Some of them are only first person shooters, while others involve strategy.

a multiplayer is a thing that uses more than one person while you are doing something

Only one person on the console can play on multiplayer. on Call of duty: Black OPS you can.

The arcade game is from the classic arcade games website. This is the creator and it is also where a person can go in order to play this game online. It is not downloadable.

FPS - First Person Shooter RTS - Real-time Strategy MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing game

In single player mode, its impossible to play with another person. But in the multiplayer you can play up to 10 people online.

Quake 3 was the third part in a series of first person shooters created and released by iD Software. First person shooters are action games that are commonly controlled by mouse and keyboard and portraied in the first person view of the protagonist.

The call of duty series are very popular 1st person shooters

When Halo came out on the Xbox it was easily the best first person shooter that had come out on a console at the time. Before that the best shooters were always on PCs. Halo also introduced a lot of play mechanics that a lot of shooters have used ever since. Players also enjoyed excellent multiplayer matches if they were able to link up several Xboxes or use Xbox Connect software.

First person shooters are from the 1st person view and 3rd person view is from a angle above the player. There is no 2nd person that I know of.

Golden eye2 (James Bond), Cod4,5,7.

Up to eight people can play through a variety of features such as DS Download Play (Single Card Multiplayer i.e only one person has the game) and Wireless LAN connection (Multi-card Multiplayer i.e everyone has the game). The game also supports Nintendo WFC Online Multiplayer but that, however, can only support 4-player Multiplayer

I'm sure activision can cram another 40-50 installments of cod mw @ £44.99 before fans of the series realize there are better online first person shooters out there

Yes, you can play multiplayer on the game Fracture for PS3. It is a third person shooter that it set in the year 2161.

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