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Yes, there are companies out there who will cover you. Check with an insurance agent or broker to see if any plans in your state can offer you coverage without a waiting period.

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Q: Is there any insurance that a 33 year old with asthma can get without having to wait for 12 months to be covered?
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What are some advantages of having a health insurance policy?

"Some of the advantages of having a health insurance policy are that if one happens to get sick, they will be covered by their medical insurance. If one is not covered the costs for medical care can be detrimental."

Can an 18 year old get insurance on his or her car without having to have a parent on the insurance too and without having to be on their parents car?


Can I drive without vehicle insurance?

Yes, it is illegal to drive without insurance or without having sufficient insurance in Arizona. You will have 30 days to provide proof of insurance following an accident.

Can you get car insurance without having a title?

depending on the state you live in you COULD get insurance without owning a CAR. Ask your insurance professional about it.

Can a person insure a pickup truck without having commercial insurance and carry tools for work?

Most of the time the tools would not be covered under your personal auto policy although the vehicle might. You can ask your auto insurance if the type of work you do with your vehicle would be covered under their policy. If not then that's when you need to look into getting a commercial insurance policy.

What are the advantages of having a freight insurance?

The main advantage for having freight insurance is that if anything goes wrong or goods are damaged on arrival the cost will be covered. Gives one peace of mind.

What are some benefits of having a Fiat company insurance?

The benefits of Fiat company insurance are that the Fiat vehicles under the insurance are completely covered. This is true regardless of who the driver may be.

Can you get money for having asthma?


Are car insurance requirements for Hawaii different?

Having car insurance for rental cars in Hawaii is optional, but you might be covered while traveling through your current auto insurance. All the limits you have with your auto insurance policy remain in effect while traveling. To know if you will for sure be covered by your car insurance, call and ask.

Can a person get car insurance without having a car licence?


Can you be ticketed in Massachusetts for not having your insurance card in the car?

No, there is no such thing an an "insurance card" in Massachusetts. The insurance information is on the registration, you can't get the registration without it.

Can you get insurance without having a car?

I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different comapnies: INSURANCE-QUOTES-FREE.INFO

Is it illegal for a driver with only a permit to drive his parent's car without having his name added to the insurance?

it is not illegal for a driver with only a permit to drive his parent's car without having his name added to the insurance.

What exactly is a fdic insurance?

FDIC stands for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Fdic insurance allows you to be covered and not lose any money when having a deposit account if your financial institution fails.

What is the cost of a month's supply of saphris without having insurance?


Can you be ticketed for not having auto insurance?

In Texas if you a caught driving without insurance you will be ticketed. I believe this is true in most states.

Can you get car insurance without a bank account?

Yes. Having a bank account is not a prerequisite for obtaining auto insurance coverage.

Is it okay to be a vegetarian while having asthma?

Yes, being a vegetarian will not irritate asthma.

Is kranti redkar having asthma?

There are no reports directly confirming that Kranti Redkar has asthma.

What do you do when you get a medical bill despite having travel insurance when you return home from holiday?

You are advised to contact the Insurance Company,bringing to their notice the anomaly for the needful,as your medical expenses will be covered under the travel insurance.

What insurance companies will provide homeowner or condo insurance for a rental condo without having to insure your primary residence in my case rental insurance?

Your local insurance broker can answer your question.

What are the benefits of having home and contents insurance?

Home and contents insurance covers not only your residence but everything within it. The benefits of having this type of coverage are vast. If your home were broken into and robbed, you can be assured that your possessions would be covered. If there was any wicked weather that damaged your home, the damages would be covered. The greatest benefit is peace of mind knowing that your home and possessions are covered.

Can you buy a car not having insurance?

Even if you buy a car without insurance,it is advisable to arrange insurance immediately before plying on the road. Also, the Registering Authority won't allow the registration of the car without valid car insurance.

Can you lose your license if you drive in Maryland without having car insurance?

No, but you can lose your tags and registration until you provide proof of insurance.

What is the normal waiting period to get car insurance if you have not had car insurance for a period of time?

It depends on the State that you live in. Certainly you cannot drive without insurance at all. You may have a statutory fine for having a registered vehicle without having insurance on the vehicle if there is a lapse in coverage. If you are a repeat offender then you may have a period of time where your license is suspended.