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No, your height is determined by your bone length which cannot be altered.

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Q: Is there any kind of exercise that can make you a few inches shorter in height?
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What kind of exercise should you do to grow in height?

There is no exercise that will reliably cause you to grow in height.

What kind of tea can you drink to get shorter?

Shorter in height? Tea will not shorten your stature.

How do you grow height after 21?

if you have wide opened lap, you can by doing perticular kind of exercise. i dont know what kind of exercise though....

How long will it take to burn 237 calories?

It depends on what kind of exercise you do, how long you do it, and your height, weight, age, etc.

How do you get shorter in height while your still a teenager and growing?

Some kind of disease or disorder, maybe. If this is actually happening to you, you should see a physician.

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What kind of exercise are best for women health?

What kind of exercise are best for women health

What is the relation between weight and height and body mass index?

Bmi is equal to (weight (lbs) * 703) / (height (inches) squared) sorry. it was kind of hard to type with the limited symbols on a computer.

What kind of exercise is best to increase endurance?

Aerobic Exercise

What kind of exercise is arm circles in gym?

That is an aerobic exercise

What kind of exercise is a sprint classified as?

it is classified as an anerobic exercise

What kind of exercise is hiking?

It's an aerobic, cardio exercise.

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5'4" is on the shorter side but if you have a great look a commercial/print modeling agency may be interested in you and add an inch to your height. However, it is about measurements as well as height. You should ideally fall within the following: 34-24-34 (bust, waist, hips in inches). You can be smaller but no larger than one inch in any area.

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What kind of exercise that increases the ability of the cardiovascular system to transport and process oxygen?

Any kind of exercise, especially running.

Which kind of exercise helps your heart work more efficiently?

Aerobic exercise

What kind of exercise is dip?


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What kind of exercise machine did Marty exercise on at the Zoo in the movie 'Madagascar'?


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Flexibility exercise (This is the right answer:)