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First you should never eat or drink anything. And what you should do is lay down in a dark room with no light at all.Then curl up into a ball until the cramping stops.

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Q: Is there any methads you can do to stop your cramping?
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Will cramping stop baby from kicking?


How do you stop cramping in ribs?

To stop cramping in the ribs it is important to first find out why there is cramping. The ribs are tender and can crack or shift easily. It is best to seek medical help for this reason.

Can a infection stop your period and cause cramping?

Yes it can

Is it normal for the cramping to stop during early pregnancy?

Yes. Cramping during early pregnancy comes and goes.

Is cramping healthy in pregnancy?

no. any cramping or pain should be discussed with your doctor

Can you have bad cramping when you stop taking birth control?


Why does salt stop cramping?

Because you needed sodium found in salt.

Is cramping at 11 weeks normal when pregnant?

Any cramping should be reported to your midwife or physician. They can help determine the cause and any complications.

Can mastitis cause period cramping but make you not have any period.?

This will not cause period cramping or make you not have a period. This is a consequence of a fungal infection.

What is mean stop the period?

to stop cramping use some aleve, for bleeding just wear tampons or pads, you cant stop it unless you get surgery, buts thats 5,00 on that!

What is cramping tools?

what is a cramping tool

Cramping at 10 weeks pregnant?

some mild cramping can be expected as your uterus grows bigger ( round ligament pain) but any cramping accompanied by blood should be immediately reported to your doctor. If you are worried call your doctor, that is what they are there for. Cramping during pregnancy is normal hun. But if your concerned or the cramping is more severe than usual for you, then go to ER.

Cramping but there isn't any blood problem is this normal?

Cramping can have other causes. There are a series of gall bladder and intestinal conditions that cause cramping. Constipation can cause cramping. Try high fiber diet with 6-8 glasses of water a day. If your bowels are regular, see a doctor for a physical.

Does cramping occurs 2 weeks before your period starts?

It can happen at any time of the month but usually cramping occurs just before or during your period.

How do you say cramping in spanish?

calambres = cramps dando calambres = cramping apretando = cramping, restricting

Can cramping be a sign of pregnancy?

Of course! Cramping is a normal symptom Cramping can be caused by many things. If you have no other signs and symptoms, cramping is not a sign of pregnancy.

How do you stop menstrual cramps?

Try placing heat (such as a heating pad) where you are cramping. Or you could try those hot patches.

Is it normal to have severe cramping and irregular bleeding after you stop birth control?

ya you should go see someone as in a doctor

Can stopping NuvaRing cause cramping?

Women using NuvaRing normally have less cramping with their withdrawal bleeding than they experienced with their periods. In addition, since NuvaRing prevent ovulation, users don't get any ovulation cramping. As a result, women stopping NuvaRing may notice more cramping as they return to their previous menstrual pattern.

What does it mean if you have cramping after your period?

Totally normal to have cramping before and after

Should i be cramping or bleeding?

It's normal if you are having a period, but not for any other reason. If you aren't menstruating, or if you are but the cramping lasts more than a couple of days, you need to see a doctor.

Can the pill cause cramping?

Hi Birth control can cause cramping.

Is cramping normal in fourth week of pregnancy?

Depends on the severity of the cramping. Cramping like its your period is normal. watch for other signs.

How many weeks in pregnancy do you start getting cramps and aching?

Some women experience mild cramping and increased vaginal discharge soon after their missed period, others may not have any cramping.

Does sucking on a lemon delay your period?

it will stop it for like two days or so. Cramping can also occur by this, but meds can take the cramps away.