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There are many organs that fit this description. The most well-known and often considered a vestigial organ is the appendix. Other organs that one can go without include a lung, a kidney, the pancreas, and reproductive organs.

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Q: Is there any organ that if you do not have you will not die?
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Joseph Organ died in 1972.

Why are only the brain kidney and heart considered vital organs?

The liver is also a vital organ. A vital organ is any organ of the body that, if it's not working properly, you will eventually die from its lack of function. are the lungs....

Can i die from a bullet?

Depends where it hits you. If it hits you in the heart or any important organ, you probably will die. You can also lose too much blood if it hits you anywhere and die.

How many people die from organ donation?

no no no people don't die from organ donation they take the organs when their dead

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It'll either heal or die.

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Why are organ transplants important?

Organ transplants are important because if you are ill and your organ isn't working if you didn't have an organ transplant you cold die of it.

Is a kidney a organ or structure?

a kidney is a very important organ if this organ isnt strong enough then you are conciderd to die

What is copulatory organ?

any organ that is used to effect insemination.

What is the diagnostic test for ischemia of any organ?

The best test for ischemia of any organ is angiography.

What is an example of a specific organ?

A specific organ is any organ that you name directly, such as the Brain or a Kidney.

What is difference between tissue culture cell culture and organ culture?

to culture any organ , tissue or cell from single cell called cell culture. to grow any tissue or organ from a tissue called tissue cultured. and formation of any organ from source organ is called organ culture. in short according to the source of culture any cultured are named.

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