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Q: Is there any poptropica answers?
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How do you break the bricks on big Nate?

you don't. trust me. this is on poptropica right? because this is answers for poptropica

What are the answers on kerplunk in buenos aires on poptropica?

There are none.

What are the answers to aphoridite's quiz on poptropica?

The answers are-Ares-Hermes-Aphrodite-Artemis-Hestia your welcome

Where is the Poptropica category?

You can see all the answered questions about Poptropica by clicking on the blue category link "Poptropica" directly underneath the word "where" in the question above.The most researched and complete answers for Poptropica Islands will be for the questions that end with the island name, e.g. "on Spy island". Questions that end "in Poptropica" may have answers that confuse similar features (keys, doors) on different islands.For solution answers, see the related questions below.

What are the answers to the gods question in poptropica?

there in different order every time

What are the answers to Aphrodite questions in poptropica?

there in different order every time

Any free upgrade in Poptropica?

you have to buy membership for poptropica.

How do you ask a question about Poptropica?

if your talking about how to ask a question on answers about poptropica type " how do you beat e.g counterfeit island and hopefully someone will hav answered" :)

What Poptropica islands will come out in 2011?

The only people who know the answers to that are the people who work at poptropica. You can check there Creators Blog for updates on new islands.

Where can you answer Poptropica questions?

You can answer Poptropica questions in the "New questions" page that is found in the sidebar of any Poptropica page on WikiAnswers.

Are there any secret costumes in Poptropica?

yes its in early poptropica in one of the towers

Are there any secret people in Poptropica?

Marina sjkf is the secret people in poptropica!!

On poptropica mythology island what are the answers to the quiz about the gods?

you go to the museum and learn the names

How to get credits on poptropica?

you can get it by passing all the islands. there are answers here if you need help passing them.

What are the answers to athena's sisters test on poptropica?

Ares Hermes Aphrodite Artemis Hestia

What is the answer to the hang man on poptropica big nate island?

there are different answers to different ones

What is the answers to the mythology test in poptropica?


What is the answers to Aphrodite's test in poptropica?


What is the answers in Aphrodite's quiz in poptropica?


How do you turn into a cat on Poptropica?

You cannot turn into a cat or any other animal on Poptropica.

What is the creator of Poptropica email?

There is no direct e-mail for the site Poptropica or any of its personnel.

What is Selena gomez's Poptropica account?

Selena Gomez is not known to have a Poptropica account, and at any rate all Poptropica usernames are anonymous.

Is there any poptropica bonus that you can get prizes?


Are there any extra on poptropica?

extra what?

Do any of you love poptropica?