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Is there any sign that Kevin Nash will re-join WWE?


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2011-09-13 06:03:27
2011-09-13 06:03:27

No,he is very happy with his role of being an actor and being in TNA.

AnswerRight now, he is to be in a last-man standing, triple threat match against DDP and Monty Brown; the winner gets to be #1 contender for the TNA Heavyweight title Answerhe has a big role in TNA! AnswerNO THE TRADER WENT TO tna

August 22, 2008

Never say Never....he did walk out of tapings for TNA a couple of weeks ago and was not happy.....and Gail Kim is now out of TNA and going back to WWE


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Technically, Kevin Nash doesnt wrestle for the WWE. He is currenty employed by TNA Impact!

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Kevin Nash left the WWE and joined TNA. In 2011, Nash returned to the WWE during the pay-per-view event "The Royal Rumble". He is current operating inder a Legends Contract with the WWE.

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yes diesel (Kevin Nash ) back in wwe

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Kane has went against Kevin Nash in the WWE. These are people that wrestle.

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No there are no plans to bring him back

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