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DAT is not a standard video format. In most cases it is mpeg encoded video. It can be cut and joined using softwares like TMPGEnc.

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Q: Is there any software to cut and join video in DAT format?
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Is there any software to extract and import only audio from video which is in DAT format?

DAT format is used with several different programs. However, widely used with Microsoft Outlook. Try using Outlook to open the file. If not, go to, enter DAT in the search bar, this will give you more details on different programs that can be used.

Is there any software that will convert vcd to mpg format?

VCD format is already an MPG. It is only masked. Open the VCD in your computer and look for the DAT files (.dat extension), all you have to do is change the extension from .dat to .mpg, that's it, play them.

How do you convert video to dat file?

You can try some Video Converter software like mediacoder, wismencoder,Format Factory.If you feel it too troublesome,you can use 1-click to convert software like imelfin video convertor, it can convert any medias to video or audio, even DRM protected medias.You just need to search"imelfin video convertor" in Google Search engine.

How do you convert DAT file format to Excel XLS file format?

DAT is a generic file extension (usually short for DATA). Its format and content are determined by the application that created the file. Without knowing what file created the DAT file, it would be very difficult to deterime how (or even if it was possible) to convert to XLS format. See related links for more information about the DAT file extension.

How do you download songs from youtube in DAT format?


What are .dat files?

.dat files do not have any particular format. .dat is simply short for "data", and is used by a large number of programs in various proprietary formats.

What format does video have to be to burn on DVD-rw?

As I know, it doesn't matter what the video format is when you burn a video to DVD-rw or DVD+rw. What's important is that whether your DVD burner supports the video format. For example, I use wondershare to burn my DVDs, it supports AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, MOV, DAT and many other video formats. So I could burn downloaded movies, videos, even bit torrent and YouTube movie to DVD.

Make dat file in adobe premier pro?

dat extension is a Video CD extension video which when copy into computer cannot be open by so many video editing software like premier pro,vegas, etc but the only way to do this is to convert the file with video converter programs into an AVI extension. AVI extension can be open in any video programs. so i recommend total video converter to do this. for more info mail

How do you convert HD video to DVD format?

DVD Creator is the right software for you. You can create DVD from 3GP, AVI, DV, VOB, FLV, M2TS, MTS, SWF, MKV, MPG, MPEG, MPA, DAT, MP4, TS, NSV, MOV, QT, RMVB video etc. For the DVD folder, you can add subtitle, background music and menu with DVD Creator.

How do you open a DOT dat that is a data base for an IOS App?

Primarily .dat files are used as email formats normally generated by Microsoft and Outlook. Some email clients are incompatible with the format and unable to read them. You can either ask the sender to stop sending emails in this format or buy app from the store which lets you read .dat format files.

How do you put a vlc file on windows movie maker?

convert it into .DAT format

What is the dat file extension?

The most common .dat files are video files from a video cd. Try playing with media player. See this also

What formats does a DVD player play?

It depends upon you DVD player. If you have simple DVD player then it will play mpeg2 format which are in the .vob files and ac3 which is audio format. It should also play the mpeg1 format which is usually in .dat or called video cds. The new DVD players also support xvid or divx codecs.

How can you read a .dat file in Linux?

There's actually no such thing as a ".dat" file. The .dat extension is a generic one used for "data." It does not have any specific format and thus there is no tool that can open all, or even a majority, of these files.

What is DAT format?

"Can be just about anything: text, graphic, or general binary data. There is no specific structure for a .DAT file. You can use an editor like EditPad Pro to look inside a .DAT file and possible determine its contents and relationship with a program." - from: ""

Please give me simplest way to create video DVD from VCD Please suggest me any software for this. I have .dat file also but could not burn the DVD from this.I have tried Nero but it is asking for DVD?

Hi! There is a DVD/Video Conversion and burning tool - Wondershare DVD Converter Studio, by which you can burn DVD from your .dat file. You can have a try of it at:

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Can you play a DAT tape on a normal cassette player?

No you cannot. A regular cassette player uses analog technology to pick up, analyse, convert and play analog sounds. DAT stands for Digital Audio Tape. DAT format is digital and uses 1s and 0s like a computer hard drive. The analog cassette will not be able to get any meaningful information from a DAT tape. So i need to buy a special DAT player to play DAT's?

How do i download a video CD to my itunes library?

Try total video converter which can open VCD .dat files and convert any formats you like.

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Your video camera isn't working please help when ever i play the videos on my mac its jus a black square wit sound?

Too many variables to give an answer (which camera, which version of Mac OS/Quicktime, what video format etc.) but you should ensure you are using the latest software available to you from both Apple and the camera's manufacturer. You could try adding the Perian plug-in to Quicktime (See links below) or disabling it if you already have it. If that does not help try viewing the video with the VLC player. what u need to do is play the video and if it pops up with a black screen with sound all u need to do is restart ur video. Mine does dat too and i fixed mine

How do you take a video movie on your iPad 2?

Go to your camera at the bottom right it has a camera and video click video or download an app for videoUsing this free-running software, you can finish the Convert movie to iPad .This converter easily convert AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, DAT, VOB, 3GP, 3GPP2 to iPad MP4, MOV video formats with this Video Converter iPad Mac ,May be you will want to try .It is a good choice for you save time.

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How do you download videos with FlashGet?

FlashGet is a type of download manager software for video files. To download videos with FlashGet, right click on the mouse and choose the Download Videos From option. The file will automatically download with FlashGet. You can then save the file and rename it with a .dat extension.