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Is there any state in which you can marry without parental consent if you are 16 and pregnant and your boyfriend is 17?

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September 13, 2011 6:03AM

you know what ther probably are some states where you can, but if i could give you my best advice, and please take it ito consderation i was 16 when i got pregnant for the first time, i had my baby when i ws 17 and my bofriend asked me alot of times to marry him, and i simply refused to get married just because i was pregnant, i wanted to see if anything would change after i had her, she WA 8 mnths old when me and my husband decided to get married.... so please as much as you think you love this guy, and you may, don't just Mary him becasue you pregnant... not only is it bad for you, but for the baby too... now after you have the baby and he doesn't change and you see that he isn't going anywhere then plan on getting married.. divorce costs alot, im not gonna tell you not to marry this guy, an don't listen to anyone when they say your to young to know what love is because there not you, i knew at 16 that i loved my husband, and 3 years later we are married and have 3 beautiul daughters....yes vey close in age3 2 and 1.

hope this helpskb