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There are no accepted or approved treatments or supplements that increase the rate of facial hair growth. However, there are a few supplements been shown to help with the health of the hair, which may help it to grow better. The main natural products that help with hair health are Biotin, Silica, MSM, and L-Cysteine, so you could try any or all of them. Facial hair for men is a secondary sexual characteristic mainly controlled by blood levels of testosterone and estrogen, influenced in large part by genes/race.

Rogaine and Propecia do not increase the rate of hair growth and have only been shown to be effective in restoration of hair growth in male pattern baldness.

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Q: Is there any type of supplement that a man can take to help his facial hair grow?
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Can red onion help grow facial hair?


Are there any tricks to get facial hair to grow faster?

I would imagine trimming the ends once in a while, will help it grow faster. Trimming hair allows it to grow faster, so why not facial hair?

If olive oil can help to grow facial hair?

yes is can dude

Does exercise help facial hair grow fast?

i dont know i need help

Will L -Arginine help you grow your hair?

Yes of course, L.arginine increases your testosterone level, and if your testosterone level is high that means you will help you grow facial hair so L.Arginine indirectly helps you on growing facial hair

Can castor oil grow facial hair?

There are many people who claim that castor oil will help grow facial hair. You are to apply it with a rag before bed each night.

Can rubbing of nails against each other helps to grow facial hair?

No it does not help to grow facial hair. But rubbing your fingernails helps to stimulate scalp hair growth, reverse graying and prevent hair loss.

Does olive oil help your facial hair grow?

Olive oil will improve your facial hair growth and darkness of it it will also help it grow thicker. so yes it will help aplly it to your face for like a week then shave it then kepp doing that then you will see a big difference in you facial hair.

What products help your facial hair grow?

its a little thing i like 2 call:puberty

Does shaving help facial hair grow thicker?

yes.I had to learn that the hard way.

Does rubbing a potato on your face help you grow facial hair?

No, but it helps you get potato on your face.

Does doo gro help facial hair grow?

I am actually trying it right now

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