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There are no accepted or approved treatments or supplements that increase the rate of facial hair growth. However, there are a few supplements been shown to help with the health of the hair, which may help it to grow better. The main natural products that help with hair health are Biotin, Silica, MSM, and L-Cysteine, so you could try any or all of them. Facial hair for men is a secondary sexual characteristic mainly controlled by blood levels of testosterone and estrogen, influenced in large part by genes/race.

Rogaine and Propecia do not increase the rate of hair growth and have only been shown to be effective in restoration of hair growth in male pattern baldness.

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Q: Is there any type of supplement that a man can take to help his facial hair grow?
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Does human sperm help facial hair grow?

No, what helps facial hair grow is the hormone testosterone.

Are there any tricks to get facial hair to grow faster?

I would imagine trimming the ends once in a while, will help it grow faster. Trimming hair allows it to grow faster, so why not facial hair?

Can red onion help grow facial hair?


Will L -Arginine help you grow your hair?

Yes of course, L.arginine increases your testosterone level, and if your testosterone level is high that means you will help you grow facial hair so L.Arginine indirectly helps you on growing facial hair

Does exercise help facial hair grow fast?

i dont know i need help

Can castor oil grow facial hair?

There are many people who claim that castor oil will help grow facial hair. You are to apply it with a rag before bed each night.

If olive oil can help to grow facial hair?

yes is can dude

Can rubbing of nails against each other helps to grow facial hair?

No it does not help to grow facial hair. But rubbing your fingernails helps to stimulate scalp hair growth, reverse graying and prevent hair loss.

Does olive oil help your facial hair grow?

Olive oil will improve your facial hair growth and darkness of it it will also help it grow thicker. so yes it will help aplly it to your face for like a week then shave it then kepp doing that then you will see a big difference in you facial hair.

Can women grow beards?

Yes, women can grow beards. Some women grow beards after they have went through menopause. There are facial creams to help eliminate facial hair on women.

How do you grow facial hair faster?

Regular shaving does help in speeding up the growth of facial hair (so I have been told). Apart from that, there is nothing much you can do. It all has to do with your biological makeup. Some people grow facial hair faster than others, some more fuller.

What products help your facial hair grow?

its a little thing i like 2 call:puberty

Does shaving help facial hair grow thicker?

yes.I had to learn that the hard way.

Does rubbing a potato on your face help you grow facial hair?

No, but it helps you get potato on your face.

Does doo gro help facial hair grow?

I am actually trying it right now

How do you make your facial hair grow faster?

Eating plenty of vegtables and getting your daily protein can help create more testosterone and testosterone creates facial hair growth.

I keep trying to grow out my facial hair but the itch is horrendous and I end up shaving it all off any ideas to prevent the itch Or to help calm the itch when it comes?

If you keep trying to grow out your facial hair, but find the itch is horrendous, do not shave it. The best idea to prevent the itch is to apply a good soothing facial lotion every day. Use of a good hair conditioner on your facial hair will help soften the hair as well.

Are prenatal vitamins going to help me grow hair, even though I am not pregnant?

Yes, they are going to help your hair grow but keep in mind you can just take a biotin supplement which is know to help skin, nail, and hair health. Plus some even say it makes their hair thicker.

Best product for thinning hair?

Biotin supplements are the best product for thinning hair. Biotin encourages hair growth. Taken daily, this supplement can help grow strong and healthy hair.

Does rubbing salt and vinegar on your chin help grow facial hair?

No... it will just hurt if you have any broken skin.

What Vitamins help facial hair grow?

ive heard of a few that help grow facial hair and make beard thicker such as B-6 (pretty much most of the B-complex vitamins too), magnesium, fish oild and a few others but the B-6 will have to be one of the most effective.

You are 22 years oldI am still not being able to grow a beardMy father and elder brother have a normal facial hair growthPlease help you to grow facial hair faster?

Your mom lied, that guy's not your real father your real father is native American and they can't grow beards

Does zinc help grow your hair?

zinc does not help grow your hair selenium helps grow your hair!

Does olive oil help facial hair get darker if you rub olive oil all over your face?

No it doesn't but it will stimulate your hair follicles because it Is made to make your hair grow. But it will increase the growth rate of your facial hair because your rubbing your face which is increasing the blood cirrulation in the hair follicles and stimulating the hairs resulting in increased growth rate of your facial hair.

Does garlic help facial hair growth?