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Q: Is there any way for a black man to become white?
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What does Atticus call any white man who cheats a black man?

Atticus says that any white man who cheats a black man, no matter how rich or how high their family is, they are trash.

How can a black man grow out his hair?

same as a white man... or any other color of man

White woman has a baby boy for black man could the baby look white?

no because white +black =mix child if you ever have any

How did Blacks become slaves of the white man?

White people thought that their color was dominant than the colored/black's race.

What is Atticus 's definition of white trash?

Atticus's definition of trashis - "any white man who would take advantage of a black man is trash."

Who is the black man in the black and white depends commercial?

The black man in the black and white depends is Michael Jordan.

Is a black man stronger than a white man?

Yes black man is stronger than a white man

Is it considered a hate crime if a white man hits a black man?

no it is called assult, because a white man hit a black man

Was James Ray a white man or a black man?


Is Lincoln rhyme a black man or white man?

White man

What is mixed race?

it is when a black woman and a white man (or a black man and a white woman) have a baby because there is a black race and a white race!! Its when any race is mixed with another race by having a child. The child then having been mixed with whatever tha mother and fathers races are.

In the KKK time was it black or white people who were against black's and white's?

It was both but mostly white and some black people were against it because the white people would kill a black man or mabye woman if they were caught with a white man/woman

What was the first people black or white?

The first people were indeed black . The red, yellow and white man were all grafted from the black man.

Is Lincoln rhyme a white or black man?

Black & white

Was johns Hopkins a white man or black man?

Johm Hopkins is a white man.

Why did the white man kill uncle hoskins?

i think the white man killed uncle hoskins because he is a black man and the white man is racist

Can a non-Christian become President of the USA?

In a US where a black man and a white woman can be locked nose to nose in the race for the White House, anything seems possible.

What actors and actresses appeared in White Man Black Man Jew Man - 2007?

The cast of White Man Black Man Jew Man - 2007 includes: IronE Singleton as Revo

Are black people allowed in the White House?

Considering that the 2010 President of the United States is a black man with a black family, yes, black people are, in fact, allowed in the White House just as anyone of any other race is allowed.

What color is a Black man's sperm white or light gray?

I've done the research on this and it is white, indistinguishable from the sperm of any other race.

Are black men more violent?

They are no more violent than white men or any other man of any other color.

What is the main theme of A Time to Kill?

The main theme revolves around the question: Can a black man in the South get the same fair trial for killing a white man as a white man gets for killing a black man or another white man?

Did a black man kill Martin Luther king Jr?

Half and half. A white person got made at Dr. King for making peace. (The white man wanted the better life) The white person threatened a black man to help him. The white man had a gun, and he'd kill the black man before Dr. King if he had to.

How did a black man become president of the U.S.?

People voted for him. Very few voters thought negatively of the race or skin color of Barack Obama. And for the record, Mr. Obama is as "white" as he is "black," being born to a white/American mother and a black/African father.

Why when a biracial man is with a white woman they are considered an interrracial couple but with a black woman they are considered a black couple?

Because biracial (both black & white) men in America for the most part are treated for the most part as black men because majority of the time they look black so their are judged as black men. So when a Biracial (black/white) man is with a white woman, they are not seeing a biracial man with a white women, but a black man with a white women, so people label them as an interracial couple. On the other hand, when they are with a black woman, nobody sees the difference, since both are judged as black; they are considered a black couple, not an interracial couple.