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no it is called assult, because a white man hit a black man

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Q: Is it considered a hate crime if a white man hits a black man?
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What is hate crime legislation?

Very generally speaking, hate crime legislation is legislation to add stiffer penalties for crime perpetrated against another person for the sole reason of hatred. For instance, if two guys get in a fight over a parking space, that is not a hate crime. It's just simple assault. If a white guy beats up a black guy solely be he is black, that is a hate crime.

What will happen if a black person hit a white person?

Should it be any different? Unless, of course, the act was a hate crime.

If a Black man shoots a white man is it a hate crime?

Hate crime is not about who shoots who, but why someone gets shot. If a black man shoots a white only because he was white (or the other way around) or another bigoted reason like orientation or religion, then it can be a hate crime. Of course, these types of crimes are politically charged, and it may not be politically correct or expedient to prosecute them as such. Sometimes charging a member of a minority group with a crime against a member of a majority can inflame race relations, and politicians shy away from that.

If a black beats a white is it a hate crime?

Yes. But by the U.S government it isn't unless there's riots to prosecute black hate crimes. Welcome to America. Home where the next race war will officially start.

What is the most common form of hate crime?

Verbal harassment is the most common hate crime. It is also a crime that goes widely unreported because it is mainly committed by school mates or young adults. Hate crime in the United States and around the world generally focuses on racism and homophobia. Government laws today are of the most restricting forms of hate crime that affect everyone. In Mongolia, it is illegal for homosexual groups to form organizations. In many African countries homosexuals are often killed and arrested. In the United States, several hundred hate groups have formed over the past decade and white on black, as well as black on white crime has steadily rissen as the economy grows worse. The current "Trayvon" investigation is an accurate depicition of violent hate crimes in the United States.

Is gay bashing illegal in Michigan?

Yes, it is considered a hate crime in Michigan.

Could the murder of Reena Virk be considered a hate crime because she was colored from India and her killers were white?

My problem with the term 'hate crime' is that it sounds like George Orwell's 'Thought Police.' In addition to the punishment for a crime committed, you can be given additional punishment for what you were thinking. Acording to the Canadian Criminal Code a hate crime is one "motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor." It is unclear what the motive was for the original beating or the murder, but since she was different than the others in the group, it can be considered a hate crime.

Is repenting and turning away from all your sins considered a hate crime?

to be honest, I'm not sure how this would be considered a hate crime. You aren't harming anyone by correcting yourself and your own ways, and your decisions are independent of anyone else's lives unless your decisions have something to do with their lives or with the lives of a community or group of people. So no, I don't think it would be considered a hate crime.

Do you hate iris from Pokemon Black and White?


What would the KKK do if they saw a white boy and black girl kiss?

They would probably hate them both. They would hate the black girl simply because she's black, and they would hate the white boy because he's kissing someone who's black.

What is a white person called if they only hate black people?

A racist white....

Is black on white racism a hate crime?

noAdded: It depends on your motive. If you were Caucasion, Asian, or Hispanic, and called them the "N-word" and THEN hit them, you could conceivabley be charged.