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Is there any way in which you can check your driving record?

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You can obtain an abstract of your driving record by going to your DMV office near you and requesting a copy. It will have all things listed on it, including those infractions or stops for which you have been found not guilty or have had dismissed as well as those infractions for which you have been convicted. The abstract is not given to your insurance company and is only available to you. There is a fee for the abstract and you must provide proof of identity. Hope this helps you. or you can go to any local courthouse for more information.

2009-02-09 15:19:32
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What kind of background check does section 8 do?

They do a complete criminal record check all the way back to eighteen years old.Any record will disqualify you.People with a criminal record are not permitted on section eight property.They do not check your driving record but a felony driving record will be on a criminal background check.

Are there any way to get points of driving record?

i don't thinks so

Do you have any suggestions to reduce the cost of my commercial vehicle insurance?

The easiest way to reduce your cost, is to maintain a good driving record.

Can you take a defensive driving class for a ticket in Texas?

In principle, absolutely. In practice, it depends on each individual citation and the driving record of the offender. For example, a driver with a bad record could be denied eligibility for a defensive driving course if they get a moderate speeding ticket. But even a driver with a clean record will usually be denied eligibility if they were speeding 25 mph or more over the limit. If you have received a citation, the only way to know for sure is check the court records. The easiest way to do this is to log on to the DPS website, enter your citation number, and check if you're eligible.

Will the license you surrender when you applied for a new state license be linked in any way?

Yes Your previous driving record will be linked and search able in most places

How long does a DWI stay on you record in VT?

Your driving record NEVER 'goes away.' It is a running record of your entire driving history going all the way back to when you first got your license. All states share their DMV information with every other state.

Do you have to do traffic school for an illegal 'U' turn?

Since it is a moving violation, and your desire to have the points removed from your driving record, then traffic school is the way to go. Otherwise, that violation will stick on your permanent driving record for 39 months.

How long does a theft III violation stay on your record?

Any criminal offense stays on your record forever, that is, there will always be a way to find it. Depending on the state there may be a rule in regards to how many years back an employer can go on a background check.

Forgot to bring driver's license while driving?

That could be driving without a license. Most likely if you have your Driver's License Number memorized they can call it in and pull your record that way. The License is only a way for Law Enforcement to identify.

When an employer does a background check in Virginia how far do they go back?

No way of telling - each employer can be different - they can go back as far as they want, but they can't access your juvenile record (if any).

How do I get a point off my driving record?

In most states you can take a driver's safety course. It's one way to remove points.

How can one avoid background checks of criminal records?

There isn't really a way for one to avoid a criminal record check unless one never expects to work. Most employers require a record check with your application.

A driving under the influence showed on my background check you have never had a driving under the influence?

You do not state whether this appeared on a criminal background check or a drivers license record check.Either way - If you have truly NEVER been charged with the offense - not simply found NOT guilty, I would strongly suggest you retain the services of an attorney. Although bureaucratic errors DO occur they are sometimes VERY difficult to get corrected, and the burden is ALWAYS on you to produce the proof that the records are wrong.If you HAVE ever been charged with DUI but had the charge dismissed or were found not guilty, then the record itself IS correct. It is a historical record and therefore accurately reflects that you had been (at some time in the past) charged with such an offense.

In what year did Cain kill Abel?

There is no record of the date or any way to establish it.

Can you register and insure your car without driving license?

Check with your states DMV. That would be the only way to get an accurate answer.

How much does it cost to remove a speeding ticket from your driving record?

For some people, expungement is the only way - this costs just as much as it tales to write the details on the form. Otherwise, you cannot remove any such ticket from your record; attempting to pay for this may be considered bribery and charged and prosecuted itself.

If marijuana was legalized is there any way to make sure people arn't driving while stoned?

no not really, however driving while your high is a DUI (driving under the influence)

What is the policy or frequency of Erie Insurance on checking a clients motor vehicle record for any speeding tickets?

== == They automatically check every policy holder's driving record, every year, by computer, to save money and to keep track of the bad ones, who they either cut off or charge much higher rates. After Hurricane Katrina, the insurance industry will be looking for every way possible to cut their bad drivers off, and save money.

How do you check your messages on modern warfare 3 on playstation 3?

Same way you check any message....

What is a good insurance rate for a van in the UK?

Great van insurance in the UK will cost you around 500 Euros a yea or more. It all depends on your driving record. If your driving record is clean you can expect to pay less but if its not than expect to pay way more than the average driver.

What are the different between database and spread street?

Data base allows you to create and inserting record is quicker and you can sort the member record in any way .you can find the record quicker. You can save many data in database It's good to calculating and also it's allows your partner to check out all your club information. This package is very useful you.

Is there any way to cash a check on a Sunday?

Walmart money center

How can you get a warrant off your record?

The only way to rid your criminal record of any warrants is to visit the county the warrant was issued and turn yourself in to authorities.

Does mercury car insurance have discounts for safe drivers?

Yes, as with most insurance companies, you do get a bit of a discount if you've taken driving school classes, and have a clean or safe driving record. It's that way with Mercury as well.

Our company uses blackberry cellphones can they track our speed when driving They claim the insurance company can check on us now that we have the Crackberrys.?

There is no way they can tell how fast u are driving unless they are in the car with you :P