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nope, unless you have dragon amulet, i want it too, but im now getting the necromancer class.

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Q: Is there any way to get free dragonlord class on aqw?
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How do you unverify dragonlord class in aqw?

You can't.

What is the most powerful class in aqw?

the best class is dragonlord posted 1/1/2009

What is a code for dragonlord in aqw?

it allows you to have dragonlord class on aqw, the code is the log in details for a dragon fable account. The dragon fable account nust be a dragon lord on that game for the code to work. (you have to have a dragon amulet).

Do you have to be a member to get Dragonlord class in aqw?

No you do not have to be member in aqworlds to get Dragonlord. However, even though you do not need member on aqworlds, you need the Dragon Amulet on DragonFable to get the class which is like being member in DragonFable.

How do you get the guardian class in aqw?

Guardian Class + Defender Class actually. To get one, or both, of these armors, you need to verify one of your accounts that has a Guardian on it. Or Star Captain or Dragonlord.

AQW how to get evolved dragonlord?

You can't get Evolved Dragonlord in AQWorlds. But you can in DragonFable. I'm assuming when evolved dragonlord will come out it will be DRAGONLORDS ONLY.

How verify dragonlord class of aqw?

if u have an amulet in dragon fable,u goto aqworlds home page,there should be a list on your left.if u scroll down there would be a sign that says verify dragonlord.

What is the best aqw class other than starlord guardian or dragonlord?

The best class for aqw is rouge class FROM SOMEONE ELSE rogue class is alright but if u counted chronomancer its the best it does upto 10k damage wen ur lvl 35 >................. FROM SOMEONE ELSE AGAIN THE BEST CLASS I THINK IS NO CLASS!

The best attacking class in aqw?

Vindicator of they Dragonlord Ninja Chrono(corruptor)(mancer) (Beta) Berserker Necromancer Troll Spellsmith Horc Evader

How do you get dragonlord class in aqw?

First you need to make a member account on dragon fable by buying a card or just paying online. after you have got the dragon amulet you goto the left side of the aqw home page where there are many bars which shows stuff and one of those bars inside should be something that is called verify dragon fable account. after ur done verifying you go to the tower... u can just type join tower and then find a person inside which should sell dragonlord class and also the stuff for dragonlord. Hope this helps P.S my aqw account is named hajibada so if u need help more u can find me and ask

How do you unlock the dragonlord shop in aqw?

Your account must be verified with a DragonFable Dragon Amulet account to access the dragonlord shop. In other words, you must be a member in the game DragonFable.

Is dragonlord the best class in aqw?

Yes,since it have life stealer healing life and does great damage,it is one of the best class in aqw I would say,other than necromancer and evolved shaman and also undead slayer.but now it not scince ninja,pirate and rouge dodge a lot and hit very fast.