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Yeah, break up with him. It tends to send a powerful message that lying is not tolerated. The relationship will not go far anyway with his lying problem so it is better to sever ties now than hurt more later.

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Q: Is there any way to get your boyfriend who lies about everything stupid to stop lying?
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How does a person become a pathological liar?

They just keep lying about everything, everytime and start believing their own lies too.

What are you supposed to do when your boyfriend lies to you?

I talk to him with asking an explanation why he did this. I installed to his phone one of paid programs from Now I always know when he is lying to me.

Your 15 year old daughter lies about everything how do you stop her from lying?

I wish someone would answer this question. We are having the trouble with our daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please answer!

How do you know if your boyfriend is lying to you?

he WILL start making wierd faces that u will start to notice over and over again that's when he is lying he makes the same weird face at anytime he lies over and over again remember

How do you defend yourself against lies?

Well first of all, if your boyfriend or husband is lying to you, the best thing to do is break up or divorce with him. And you can always lie back.

Who is the patron saint of lying and lies?

A patron saint does not exsist for liars and lies.

What is it called when some lies and believes their lies to the point of tears?

Pathological lying

How many lies is compulsive lying?

Compulsive lying is when you cannot stop lying, so you lie almost whenever you can.

What is a word for someone who lies about everything?

A liar A compulsive liar or a pathological liar. if it's a physiological disorder, a pathological and compulsive lying then the person is a mythomaniac.

What is the simple present of lying?

I/you/we/they lie. He/she/it lies.

Should you ever trust your boyfriend it seems he tells lots of lies?

If you wo decided to be with each other and then he is lying it means he is facing some problems which you two can sort out.

What do you consider excessive lying how many lies a day or week for it to be considered excessive lying?

I don't know but nearly everything I say is a lie. I just need to have big things going on in my life. I need to be accepted. I am narcisstic.

Can liar be used as an adjective to describe someone?

No, the word liar is a noun; a liar is the person.The word to describe (adjective) a person who lies is lying; for example the lying phony or the lying witness.To make it even more confusing, lying is also a verb (lie, lies, lying, lied).

Is herein lies grammatically correct or is it herein lays?

"Herein lies" is correct. "Lays" implies that it is the object that is lying. "Lies" implies that the subject is lying. ("Lying" being the gerund for "lie".)When you say "herein lies the mcguffin." You are saying that the mcguffin is lying, you are not saying that the mcguffin is laying something else. You lie (yourself) on the ground. You lay a book on the table. You lay your argument before me and thus, there it lies.Ans2:The hen is in her coop and herein lays eggs.The lawyer has entered the courtroom and herein lies.Herein lies an argument that both usages can be correct.

How do you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you with out him knowing?

just go up to him and ask him if he studders then u kno he is lying. and tell him to look u in the eyes if he smiles wen he is tellin u hes lying. i was in the same situation. and if he lies to u he is not the guy for u.

If your boyfriend is constantly lying but considers it joking is this a bad thing?

Yes. If he lies about small things he will lie about imporatant things. The easiest way out, when someone catches him lying, is to say it was a joke. You need to explain to him - that you expect him not to "joke" with you and to always tell you the truth.

How can you stop your boyfriend from lying to you?

You can't! He has to come to terms with himself and admits that he lies in the first place and then he needs to get help. He's either a Class A jerk that has no remorse or considers others feelings, or he lies because he has no self esteem and he dramatizes and lies to look important to his peers. Wishing won't make him quit lying. You are going to have to take a risk and tell him flat out you are not putting up with his lying and if he doesn't start straightening up and fly right you are out that door! Mean it! Good luck Marcy

What should you do about the lies and the cheating?

Stop lying and cheating.

What is the Irish word for lying?

ina luí (as in lying down) ag insint bréaga (telling lies)

Can i trust my boyfriend he told me he was 42 but is 49 i am 34?

That decision is up to you. Personally I wouldn't be able to trust someone who lies about something like his age. It makes you wonder what else he is lying about.

What are the release dates for It Is Written - 1956 Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them?

It Is Written - 1956 Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them was released on: USA: 30 November 2008

What were the important building in the forum?

the stupid lies they tell you

What is a good name for an essay about lying?

If you are for lying, "No Matter the Lies" If you are against lying, "True or False?", sorry they suck, but may generate some ideas right?

Is lying an adjective?

It can be (a lying spouse, a lying animal). The adjective lying is from the present participle of the verb "to lie" (which has more than one meaning). Example: A lying person - a liar, one who tells falsehoods (lies) A lying animal - an animal lying (recumbent) on the ground

Why are you lossing friends when you tell lies?

Your friends might not like you lying.