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Have her hooked up to a lie detector. Then ask her if she's a virgin. If she passes the test when she answers Yes, then she's a virgin and she's good to go.

If she fails the test, then hey, no harm no foul, she's no virgin, but she's still good to go.

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No you can not. Some are born without and others can have broken real easily and others have been stretched but not broken. The hymen is not a sign of virginity.

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Q: Is there any way to know whether a girl is virgin or not other than rupture of hymen?
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How can I know a woman is a virgin?

In the way that I know of other than that he might be overly concerned about whether the female ia a virgin or not. In the female some, and I mean SOME girls retain their hymen until it is actually penetrated by something or some one but that is an unreliable predictor of whether or not she is a virgin. All you can do is ask and take her word for it. Besides it's such a mute point anyway. What if she is a virgin but has tossed off 100 guys. It is just foolish to go there. You like her and want to be with her or you don't.

If someone can understand that i am not virgin in test of sanguine?

i barelly understrand ur question or what is sanguine but one way to tell if someone is a virgin is if they still have their hymen or "cherry". not all virgins have it though for it may of broken by other activities.

How can you tell if you not a virgin or not with out going to a doctor?

A woman can determine if she is a virgin or not by looking at the entrance to her vagina. There is typically a small piece of skin called the hymen that covers a portion of the opening and is torn during intercourse. (though it is not always torn during intercourse it most frequently is) You can observe the hymen by using a mirror. In some cases, the hymen can be damaged in other ways -- such as incidents involving falling with the legs spread wide -- like if you did a really uncomfortable and unexpected splits.

How can your parents check to see if you are a virgin?

If you haven't had sex (penis in vagina), you are a virgin. If you have had sex, you are not a virgin. PERIOD. There isn't really anything to check. Sometimes your hymen will break when you first have sex, but sometimes it does for other reasons (exercise, etc...). This is NOT the determining factor.

If your friend's mom wants to take her to the doctor to see if she's still a virgin and she is would it matter if she has been fingered?

First off her mother has no right to force your girlfriend to go for physical for this reason and all the doctor would be able to tell her is the fact whether she is a virgin or not. Other than actually have sexual intercourse there is no way the doctor can tell as the hymen should still be in place.AnswerWhile I agree that her mother has no right to force the poor girl into that kind of exam. There are other ways to break or stretch a girls hymen without sexual intercourse. Inserting anything into the vagina could result in the stretching or breaking of the hymen, in fact some girls completely or partially break their hymen when they insert a tampon for the first time. Therefore, it is possible for the hymen to not be present even in a girl who has not had sexual intercourse. I have even heard stories (though im not sure of their validity) of girls breaking their hymen during rough sports that require riding (such as polo or horse back riding).

Is there more than one definition for popping her cherry?

Popping the cherry refers to breaking a woman's hymen. Some use it interchangeably with losing virginity, although this is not accurate (a non-virgin can still have part of her hymen intact, sex does not always break the hymen, and some virgins do not have hymens or have broken them through horseback riding or other physical activity).

Can a pregnancy test tell whether you are a virgin or not?

No. Checking for 'virginity' (in its clinical term) would require a medical exam to determine whether the hymen is intact. However, this cannot be a confirmation as to whether a woman has or has not had sexual relations. Girls quite regularly can have their hymens torn or rupture through everyday activities such as sports. Hymens can also become ruptured through the insertion of foreign objects or even, in some instances, during personal hygiene, such as using tampons, washing, (douches), etc. Additionally, the hymenal membrane may need to be corrected to assist with normal menstruation or as a precursor to anticipated sexual intercourse. A Hymenectomy (hymenotomy) is a minor medical procedure involving the surgical removal or opening of the hymen. It is done to treat an imperforate hymen or other situations where the hymen is unusually thick or rigid, in order to allow normal menstruation or sexual intercourse. An imperforate hymen can lead to hematometra or hematocolpos. In some cultures, so misunderstood is the female body by both men and women that extreme measures are taken to ensure that a woman encounters discomfort, pain, and even blood, during the first act of intercourse. It's a sad fact that in some cultures, due to the ignorance of an individual or an entire society, that people have paid to have a hymen reconstructed. There have even been anecdotal reports of women deliberately injecting animal blood into their vaginas as proof that a wedding was consummated and that the wife was a virgin. Family members deliberately inspect bed linens in search of blood as proof. Hopefully, through education, and common sense, these absurdities will soon disappear.

If you slept with someone and can't tell your groom will he find out that you are not a virgin?

It is possible that he will find out, since virgins have a membrane called a hymen which is broken the first time that they have sex. However, there are other activities than sex which can break a hymen, for example, vigorous horseback riding. So the state of the hymen is not absolutely conclusive. Chances are, if your groom is at all courteous, he won't even enquire about it.

Is it possible not to have a hymen?

This depends what you mean by this question. If you mean a virgin doesn't have her hymen intact... then yes this is possible. The hymen can tear during certain physical activities and if the girl masturbates by inserting fingers or other objects.

What are the changes in your body after not being a virgin?

The hymen ("cherry") would break and there would be bleeding during the first time, but other than that there should be no changes. Unless, of course, you got pregnant.

How do you guess the girl is virgin or not when sexing?

If you mean "how do you know if the girl is a virgin when having sex," there's no sure way to tell. Many people think a girl is a virgin if her hymen is intact or if she bleeds during sex, but that's not entirely true. Hymens can break during activities other than sex, and sometimes they are even reabsorbed into the body. The older a woman is, the more likely her hymen is to be broken even if she is still a virgin.As for bleeding, the hymen doesn't always bleed when it's broken. Also, rough sex can cause bleeding pretty much any time.Bottom line: just ask the girl.

What is the meaning of Hymen's?

A hymen is a fold of skin/mucous membrane in a girls vagina. A broken hymen was usually a sign of intercourse and a way of checking if a girl is a virgin. Nowadays however, it's generally acknowledged that a broken hymen alone is not proof of intercourse as it can break doing gymnastics, horse or bicycle riding, or for several other reasons. The size and texture of the hymen can vary greatly, and can in some cases be completely absent from birth. The word Hymen itself is derived from a god in the ancient greek mythology, Hymenaios (alternative spellings: Hymen or Hymenaeus). He was the god of the wedding hymn (the song sung to or by the bride and groom at the wedding).