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memorize it lazy ---!!! ----------- You are not allowed to say that.

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Q: Is there any way to learn to speak the Ancient Language from the Inheritance books?
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How do you learn a language?

You study books, listen to CD's, and speak with others in that language.

Can you learn the ancient language from Eragon?

If you want to memorize Christopher's words sure, but it is not a pure real ancient language.

How do you learn to speak an ancient language?


Where can someone learn how to do SQL sums?

One can learn how to do SQL sums in different places. People who want to learn the Structured Query Language can do this by reading books about this programming language. There are lots of books available on this database language. One can even buy video's about this language. From these videos one can learn to write this language. One can also sign up to a study on this programming language.

What do books tell you that you can do in 30 days or less?

Learn a language

Where can one purchase language books?

There are many places where one could purchase books on how to learn a language. The best places to purchase language leaning books would be a place like Amazon.

How do you learn how to write in ancient Greek?

Learn the Greek alphabet, learn the classical Greek language, and write it.

How do you learn different language faster?

Well There Are This things Called Books!

How can you teach a baby to talk?

Just read them books and they will learn the language

What is the easiest way to learn sign language?

I would say that the easiest way to learn sign language is to go to your local library, get some books on sign language, and study up!

What do you call someone who translates ancient writing?

well all i can think of is an archeologist. They learn the language from books and try to read it at a{n} historical site to try to learn more about the place or the people that ounce resided there. hope that helps

Is the primary way children learn language is through books and school work?

Books and school work are only secondary methods of learning language. The primary way that children learn language is simply by hearing people (especially the parents) speak it.

What language did Christopher Columbus learn by reading books?

Christopher Columbus learned french by reading books... I HOPE

What language did christopher Columbus learn by reading geography books?

He learnt Spanish.

How do you speak Yoruba?

Either it's your original language or you can learn it from books, Internet, teachers ..........

Where to visit in ancient Rome to learn and see the language?

I Am not sure I understand your question. The ruins of Ancient Rome are in Rome and the language spoken in Italy is Italian. If you want to learn it there are many ways to do so. If you go to Pompei you can see ancient graffiti from 79AD, but there is no longer ancient Latin spoken as it was 2000 years ago.

Whiy is there a library in the Gurdwara?

There is a library in the Gurdwara because, you see the young Sikh children have to learn about their religion, they have to learn how to talk in their language, how to read and how to write in their language-they learn all this in the gurdwara! That's why books are needed!

Why is storytelling important to Iroquois?

It is important to them for they have no written language. Younger Iroquois learn from them. Their 'great books' weren't read they were told by storytellers. With no written language you learn family history, your villages history, you nations history all through storytelling.

Which president to learn English as a second language?

well they can read books and speak English at home

What is the best book to learn Arabic for GCSE?

There is a wide collection of Arabic language learning books.

How did gregor Mendel learn about inheritance of traits?

He didn't learn about it, he discovered it. He grew lots and lots of pea plants and found that the inheritance of traits had numeric proportions.

What is native language and second language?

A native language is a language that you learn after you born and second language can be described as a language that you learn after your learn your native language. It is also possible that you can be a bilingual speaker.

Where would someone be able to buy foreign language books at a affordable price?

There are many books in foreign languages one could purchase which are affordable. The Foreign Language Bookshop has a large selection of books listed by languages. They also sell books one could use to learn different languages.

Can you learn the Sioux language anywhere?

Provided you have the right materials, such as books and audio tapes, you can learn the rudiments anywhere. It would be advantageous to attend an institute that teaches it formally.

How do people learn languages?

you can learn any language by trying to speak it again and again. You have to read and write the language in guidlines of some specific grammers.You can also concern to the books of languages reffered as speaking courses of those languages.