Is there any way to tell if a girl is a virgin if her hymen was aready broken?


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There is no way to tell if a girl a virgin or not.

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You can't know if a girl is a virgin. Only she knows. Traditionally the status of virgin would have been if the girl's hymen was intact, but the hymen can be broken by vigorous exercise or other activities besides intercourse.

Just a little blood (but not every girl is bleeding) . And know you are no more a virgin.

The hymen is tissue that surrounds the opening to the vagina. The hymen is the same in a virgin as it is in someone who has had sex, although sometimes sex can stretch or tear the hymen.

You don't. Even that method is not foolproof since a hymen can be broken by things besides sex.

no not really, at times yes, but the hymen is usually sealed, intact, which means she is a virgin, but when a girls hymen is broken, that could be from sex or doing sports, some girls are born without one, alternative is just asking her ;)

if the girl is bleeding it's probably broken!

If you mean "how do you know if the girl is a virgin when having sex," there's no sure way to tell. Many people think a girl is a virgin if her hymen is intact or if she bleeds during sex, but that's not entirely true. Hymens can break during activities other than sex, and sometimes they are even reabsorbed into the body. The older a woman is, the more likely her hymen is to be broken even if she is still a virgin.As for bleeding, the hymen doesn't always bleed when it's broken. Also, rough sex can cause bleeding pretty much any time.Bottom line: just ask the girl.

Unless the hymen is broken the only other routes are the mouth or anus but neither of those will result in pregnancy.

No, once the hymen is broken in a 10 or 12 year old girl is will remain broken.

In certain cultures if the girl's hymen membrane has been broken in means they are not virgins anymore. In other words after sexual intercourse if the girl does not bleed it means the are not a virgin. However virginity should be actual sexual intercourse not the hymen being broken by a tampon or something. Hope this helped.

Ask her. Physically, there's no way to know for certain. A broken hymen does not necessarily mean a girl has had sex. A better question might be, why does it matter to you?

He browse for pictures with you and your toys and superhero outfits on the internet. If he finds them, then you're a virgin. If not then you're not a virgin. Seriously, I assume you're girl, so... when a girl makes sex for the first time the seal gets broken. Seal is called hymen. quick fact

Not with any great degree of accuracy. A girl may have broken her hymen during exercise, bike riding, horse riding, masturbation etc. The only way to find out if a girl is still a virgin is to ask her.

Of course she is a virgin. She is a virgina even if she tails her virginity.

well you can't really tell if a woman is a virgin unless you check her vagina to see if a certain membrane is broke and I highly doubt she's going to let you do that.The only real way is to ask. Even if the hymen is broke it doesn't mean she is or is not a virgin. The hymen can be broken by a tampax or doctor examination. Even a doctor cannot tell a virgin.

You will have to ask her, and hope to get a honest answer, to have a hymen is a good sign, but note it can be broken while swimming, gymnastics and cycling as well. No hard rule to prove it.

That is no way of telling a girl is a virgin or not ! A girl will lose her hymen as she grows older through Puberty, even without having sex. It can break naturally, through masturbation or sports.

Only if she still has her hymen intact, otherwise not. The hymen can break real easily by doing sports and such so if it's not there it is not considered a sign that she is not a virgin.

Only if one of you already have HIV. When a virgin girl bleeds during her first intercourese act it is only because her hymen is broken (her cherry pops).

Usually the hymen once broken, will make the girl bleed only once.

A virgin will bleed during sexual intercourse unless her hymen is already penetrated. If the hymen is not penetrated the girl may bleed and have discomfort but it will not at all be alot of blood. the pain will go away eventually after the hymen is penetrated.

It is a myth that every girl's hymen is intact. In fact, most teens and women do not have an intact hymen at the time of first intercourse. A non-intact hymen does not mean the girl is not a virgin. Instead, it is fact that a hymen can be non-intact for other (non-sexual) and very normal reasons.

if her hymen had already been broken by another way, she doesn't have a hymen, or the guys penis is small enough that it didn't reach her hymen

Not sure what you consider a 'premature girl', but any female that has sex will typically break the hymen. In many cases the hymen may already be broken.

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