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Is there anything visitors can't ask?

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Yes, there a number of questions that should not be asked on WikiAnswers. Anything that constitutes cyberbullying, requests for private details, and any illegal information are all prohibited on WikiAnswers.

It is recommended that all registered members of WikiAnswers review the rules for contributing in the Help Center (linked in the blue menu to the left).

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Why were unskilled workers unable to bargain for better wages?

because if they cant do anything, they cant ask for more money

Why cant you find anything on this website?

Just ask a question and eventually someone will answer it.

Why cant this website answer your question?

because, well don't write "ask us anything" because they don't give you ANYTHING!

Which is better smell or taste?

Ovbiously that is a silly question to ask because if you cant smell anything then you cant taste your food it is a well known fact!

How can you tell when a girl has a period?

you cant!all you can do is ask and if she does'nt say anything watch dbz and naruto

Can you ask your boyfriend if he gets turned on by you?

yes you can, its a good question to know. u can ask ur significant other anything. if u cant then somethings wrong

Who do you get boys to ask you out?

its not a question how to get boys ask you out. you cant make them do anything that they don't want to do you can either go direct and ask him out there is nothing wrong with it also if he likes you he should pluck up the courage to ask you out <3 x

What is the organ system for gallbladder?

you know how we say ask us anything YEAH WELL THATS A LIE we cant do stuff

What do you mean by saying ask us anything'?

by 'ask us anything' we mean literally, ask us anything!you can ask anything from the war of 1812 to todays technology.so go ahead, ask us anything!

If you're able to ask anything why cant you use the words I Me my we and our in these questions?

Because the owners of WikiAnswers decided to make the rules that way.

Why does WikiAnswers ask a question but doesn't have the answer?

WikiAnswers doesn't ask the questions. Users and visitors ask the questions. They are hoping that someone can help them with an answer.

Your preteen cant find anything to do?

Ask your preteen if there is anything that he or she is interested in learning more about. They might be happier if they started playing a sport or signed up for a class (such as dance or martial arts).

How do you send fish to friend on Animal Crossing Wild World?

you cant it wont let you because you cant mail any thing alive and you cant pass anything through your hands unless it's one of the town mem and they ask you for it...

How could you get him to ask you out?

You cant, you gotta ask first

Who asks the questions on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers visitors ask questions. You wrote this one! :-)

What are the cheat codes for me to you my place?

i cant find anything about cheats on me to you my place but ask friends and keep searching. sorry, haven't been very useful.

What do i do my boyfriend of one year just sent you a text telling you that he has to go away to where he hasn't told me dont know what to do am confused cant concentrate on anything?

i think you should ask him where he's going and stop worrying about it if he cant give you a straight answer ask him what's wrong hope this helps

Is it possible to feal What is happening while in surgery?

no you cant feel anything and plus they will totally put you to sleep that you wont even notice anything and you cant feel anything

How do you visit the power plant?

Contact the plant or the owning company and ask if they allow visitors

If someone blocks you from seeing their facebook profile can they still see your Facebook profile?

no, they cant see anything you do, and you cant see anything they do!

Is there a right time to ask out a girl?

Yes, there is a right time to ask a girl out. You cant just ask her out after knowing her for two days. You cant ask her out in front of people either. You have to have known her for a while, and you have to ask her when you to are alone. Good luck!

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