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I would like to find out the age of my Winchester 30-30 model 94 by the serial #2907348

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Why doesn't an early Winchester model 1894 38-55 have a serial number?

It could be that the serial number which is located at the bottom of the rifle ahead of the receiver has been worn away during the years of use.The balance of this rifle was located there and most hunters carried the rifle with one hand around the receiver when hunting afield.All Winchester model 1894 rifles made did have serial numbers assigned to them.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 62 Serial number 207423?

y father recently passed away , i found his old Winchester model 62 .22 i asked a few buddies about it. of it has at least 50% of its original parts, and is in mint working condition your baby is worth from $400.00-$800.00.

How do you remove the rear sight on a Winchester Model 94?

drift out with punch from left to right, muzzle pointed away from you.

What is the difference between the Winchester model 67 and 67A?

Model 67 had slots on each side of the stock fore end, the later model 67a did away with the slots and were plain and rounded.

When was the Winchester model 670 264 magnum made?

I have a Winchester model 670 264 magnum rifle. I would like to know when it was made, the value, any and all information about this rifle. It was my brothers and when he passed away it became mine. I do not have any information about this rifle. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Have a Winchester Model 1873 octagon barrel serial number 88714 what is its age and approximate value Thank you?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 1873 lever action rifle dates to the year 1882.The value cannot be determined without you providing a much more detailed description of the rifles caliber,overall condition,to include the amount of original finish remaining on the metal,and stocks.the bore condition etc.Is the metal finish blueing still intact,or wearing away?The octagon barrel is a special order feature.Are there any other special order features such as checkerd wood,half magazine,cresent buttstock,or shotgun style?All these features effect the price of your highly collectable vintage Winchester rifle.

Is Winchester in Ottawa?

no but it's not far away 20 minutes maybe

What year was an Ithaca Model 37 16 gauge featherlight Serial 385151 made?

1951 is my best estimate. On line records from Ithaca went away when they closed. Sorry-

What is the age and value of a 22 WRF Winchester Model 1890 slide action serial 515623?

I was given one of these rifles by my father-in-law. It had belonged to his uncle, who used it to keep deer away from his corn fields in Iowa. It's in pretty good shape and I've seen others like it for sale in the $350 - $450 range. It shoots straight, wood and bore are in vg condition. Tom

How much is a Winchester rifle serial number 634112 nickel receiver butt plate and magaline tube accessory wood 24 ince barrel - blued - third edition worth?

Throw away the MAGALINE tube. It will inkrease the walue. It would help if you would tell me the Model number of the rifle. Do you know when it was maid? guncollector@att.net ps check yer spelin

How old is your marlin model 100?

I wish I really knew. I have been researching mine and haven't found much information about it. All I could find was that the model 100 was made approximately from 1936 to 1959. Mine belonged to my great grandfather who passed away in the early 60's. There is no model number or serial number on it.

How do you unload Winchester model 94?

You must manually cycle the action with the lever, thereby ejecting the rounds from the magazine tube.Always point your rifle in a safe direction(usually the ground) and keep your finger away from the trigger while cycling the action.

What is the difference between waterfall and throw away prototype model?

Waterfall model does not involve customer's feedback and there is no generation of any prototype,however in throw away prototype model a rough prototype is generated

What Model talent agency does Lou's daughter model for?

Lou doesn't have a daughter..... When did she pass away?

How do you identify the model number of a holton french horn?

Put the bell on your lap, position the lead pipe away from your head. Look down towards the bell. The model number should be engraved in that area. If you're looking for the serial number, I'd try looking on a valve casing, often the second valve.

What is the value Winchester rifle 1876 cal 45-60 serial no 37860?

there are many things that determine the value of this rifle.the first item being that you have a Winchester mod 1876 third model that was made in 1883.second is the overall condition of the firearm.(is the finish worn away or does some still exist?).is the rifle complete and does it function? is the bore dark and pitted or bright with no pitting?is the stock complete,not broken and retain its original finish if any? as a guide this rifle could expect to fetch between 2,250-3,000 in above average finish down to 1,000-1,600 dollars in below average condition.

How old is a kelvinator hfs203mm2w chest freezer?

I tried to look it up, but I was asked for the serial number as well as the model number which you've given. However, pull the freezer away from the wall. It should have a metal tag on the back with its year of manufacture.

Who could tell you about a model of 1917-30.06 Remington ser513108?

Well, I'll try. Hope I can help.While I can't tell you about the specific serial number, I can tell you that there are two possibilities. First, there are better than 2,000,000 model 1917 rifles created by Winchester/Remington(Eddystone) since WWI.They were originally manufactured for the British who needed an upgrade from their old Short Magazine Lee Enfield(SMLE). So you could be looking at an original WWI era British rifle.Second, after WWI, Remington redesigned the rifle (still in 30.06), and during WWII, it was used regularly by most units acting as "backup" (i.e. mortar teams, infantry preferred the 1903). So, you could also be looking at a later model.How to tell the difference? The easiest way is to notice the early model had "ears" on the rear sight. The remanufacture did away with them.Winchester, "Remington" Illion NY, Marked Remington and (Remington) "Eddystone" Plant Marked Eddystone.Three manufactuing plants. In 1930 ,Remington started making the 1917 in a civilian model. It was the Model 30. It was made without the "ears" that protected the battle sights. It also had a better finish and stock.

What is the history of the Classic Doubles shotgun manufacturing company?

I purchased a Classic Doubles Model 101 Field Grade 20 gauge about a year ago and tried to research the company, but like you could find very little information on the net. In the case of my gun, the original model 101 was produced for Winchester in 1983 by it's Japanese manufacturing operation, Olin-Kodinshu, a subsidiary of Miroku Arms. O/K discontinued making the 101 models in 1988 and the production was picked up by Classic Doubles out of St. Louis, MO. in 1989. That business ceased when Winchester Olin dumped a massive quantity of old Winchester 101 inventory on the market at give-away prices.. As best I can tell, the Classic Doubles guns were also produced by Kodensha in Japan, as my gun is stamped "Made in Japan." Most parts are completely interchangeable with the Winchester parts for the same model gun, and the quality is comparable with the original. No Classic Doubles employees are currently within the gun industry. Hope this helps.

Were there nickel Winchester Model 97 Trench shotguns made?

All my reference material says that the model 97 trench shotguns were made with a blued receiver.this includes the riot configuration also.It would make no sense to nickel plate these shotguns in military usage because the last thing that you would want is to draw attention to your self/give away your position with the bright reflective finish of nickel plate.

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