Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Is there ban on hpv vaccines?

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There is no ban on HPV vaccines. In fact, in some states girls are required to receive HPV vaccines for school.

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What is hpv treatment?

HPV vaccines

Is the immunization hpv an attenuated vaccine?

All HPV vaccines are recombinant. They are not live vaccines.

Is there another form of HPV vaccines other than a shot?

The only HPV vaccines today have been in injectable form. There are no nasal or oral vaccines for HPV as of 2015.

Can you still carry hpv or genital warts if you have the gardasil or hpv vaccine?

The answer is YES. This is because the HPV vaccines only have 2 or 4 HPV strands (2 version of HPV vaccines.) There are many more HPV stands out there.

Who discovered the hpv vaccine?

Vaccines for HPV were developed by Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

Is the HPV vaccine safe?

Yes. Look on the NHS website for more information about HPV vaccines.

Can you still infect someone with HPV if you had the virus and then got vaccinated?

Sure you can. First of all, no medicines or vaccines are 100% effective. Secondly, the HPV vaccines only cover 4 strands or 2 strands of HPV (there are 2 different HPV vaccines available). There are many more strands of HPV in the 'wild'. When they made the vaccines, they have to choose the most common and more harmful strands, but that does not mean the other strands cannot cause problems. Therefore, the answer for your question is yes, so always practice safe sex!!

Are there HPV vaccines to prevent against all cervical cancers that may be caused by HPV true are false?

The hpv vaccine does not protect you from all strains of the hpv virus. Check with your doctor on what strains are covered.

Can a vaccine treat an STD?

There are no vaccines available to treat STDs. Some STDs have vaccines to lower the risk, including HPV and hepatitis B.

How many types of HPV does the vaccine protect against?

Different HPV vaccines protect against different numbers of subtypes. There have been bivalent and tetravalent vaccines on the market to date. A new 9-valent vaccine was just approved in late 2014.

How long is the hpv needle?

The HPV needle is typically a 3/8 or 1/2 inch needle. It is the standard size used for all vaccines in that age group.

What are the arguments for the HPV vaccine?

Like other vaccines, HPV vaccines are designed to lower your risk of infections cause by the virus it's made for. HPV can cause warts or cancer in some exposed to them. Granted that most who are exposed to HPV will probably be fine, but some won't. Vaccines are medicines; they all have risks and benefits. There will always somebody with some adverse reactions to any medicines, including the sugar pills during the clinical testing. Most people will be fine with the vaccine, otherwise it would not have past the clinical test and approved for use.

Is there anyone who received all 3 doses of the HPV vaccine and still got pregnant?

Yes, many have gotten pregnant afterward. The HPV vaccine has no effect on fertility. And no vaccines contain a lot of mercury, there are just trace amounts in multi-dose vials of flu vaccines (and a few others).

Is there a better approach to preventing HPV than vaccines?

Probably not. Most people first contract HPV shortly after starting sexual activity. If nobody had genital-genital contact until they found a single partner, HPV might be eliminated, but this scenario is not likely.

Is HPV curable?

There is no cure for HPV, but the good news is the infection often clears on its own. If it does not, and treatment is needed, there are many HPV treatment options. Plus, as more people are vaccinated with the new HPV vaccines, the rates of HPV infection may be greatly reduced. For now, HPV treatment focuses on treating the symptoms of the infection. Symptoms include genital warts associated with low-risk HPV types (which don't generally lead to cancers) and the precancerous changes sometimes associated with the high-risk types of HPV.

Is there a vaccine for an oncogenic virus?

Yes, hepatitis B and HPV (human papilloma virus) are two oncogenic viruses for which there are vaccines.

What is the success rate of vaccines?

The success rate of vaccines varies wiidely. Some examples are: chicken pox vaccine, 90%, flu vaccine, 65%, HPV vaccine, 50%, and Hepatitis B vacine, 95%.

Can a girl be immune to hpv because she got the partner shots?

The vaccine for HPV does not protect against all types of HPV. It protects against the ones most likely to cause cancer. Some vaccines also protect against the ones most likely to cause genital warts.

Can human papilloma virus or hepatitis lead to cancer?

Both HPV and viral hepatitis can increase the risk of cancer. Luckily, there are vaccines available to lower the risk of HPV related cancer and hepatitis B-related cancer.

Where do they put the papilloma shot?

The HPV vaccine is given as an injection into the muscle of the upper arm. The vaccination consistsof two doses and both injections are needed to ensure your daughter is fully protected against the virus. HPV can and does cause cancers,

What is the structure of HPV?

The shape and structure of hpv has made it possible for the virus to infect the skin and mucus membrane cells and make them multiply abnormally. This in turn leads to the formation of warts and cancer in the long run. There are good preventive measures available now in the form of pap smears ans vaccines against hpv.

Why is it when you turn 11 you have to get a shot?

Children begin receiving vaccines when they are born. As they age, they will receive periodic boosters or new vaccines. At age 11 they will get the TDAP booster and a vaccine for meningitis. It is also recommended that both girls and boys receive the HPV vaccine as well.

Do HPV Vaccines hurt?

I had my first 1 today and everyone was crying. I realised how stupid I was being when I came out and I only felt the tiniest prick and no stinging! Don't worry

What is the vaccine for cervical cancer?

The website is the perfect website for your question. They list the names of two vaccines to prevent cervical cancer. The names are Gardasil and Cervarix. The website says the vaccines are effective if given at a certain age category before the person catches HPV.

Can you get a hpV vaccination at the age 29?

If you follow the inserts with the vaccine, then no. It's for people age 9-26. This is because the test trials were done on people these ages. Logically, I don't see why you can't get it until 30's or even older. However, the older you are, the more the likely that you have already exposed to the HPV strands in the vaccines making it less helpful. Remember, vaccines are preventive therapy, not treatment therapy. It's not usefull once you already have the disease.