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Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

The Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a DNA virus with more than 100 varieties in existence, 40 of which affect the genitals. It is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, most notably through sexual intercourse (though not always). Most HPV infections will not show any symptoms, but HPV can cause a variety of warts and cervical cancer.

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What is the function of the vasomotor center?

vasomotor centre is under medullary control and is responsible for vasoconstriction /vasodilatation so that blood pressure is maintained. ...
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What is the function of the tympanum of a frog?

The 'tympanum' is the same thing as the human eardrum-- it is used for hearing! Frogs and toads have this membrane on either side of their heads for bi-directional hearing. The frog's tympanum allows it to hear. The frog's tympanum allows it to hear. Relaying sound waves is the function of a frog's tympanum. Specifically, the term describes a structure which is located on the outside of some amphibians, insects and mammals. In frogs, it is found just behind the frog's eye. It works...
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What kind of muscle is cow tripe?

Tripe is actually a lining of the stomach. It is attached to the stomach wall. ...
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What are urogenital problems?

The problem that took place in the urine is urogenital problem Urogenital problems are problems and diseases associated with the Renal tract and the reproductive system ...
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What does accumulation mean?

An increase by natural growth or addition noun1. act or state of accumulating; state of being accumulated. 2. that which is accumulated; an accumulated amount, number, or mass. 3.growth by continuous additions, as of interest to principal. "Accumulating" basically means "gathering" or "hoarding". Definition pasted from ...
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What causes black bones in humans?

we are vertebrates and in order for use to stay vertebrates we have to have a vertebrae ...
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What is it the buccal sulcus?

the space between the teeth and the mucous mebrane lining the cheek is called the buccal sulcus. ...
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Do bats have pentadactyl limbs?

Bats do have pentadactyl limbs. Its wing is the forelimb version of the pentadactyl limb. In the bat, the forelimbs have turned into wings for flying by great elongation of four digits, while the hook-like first digit remains free for hanging from trees. ...
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How do you realign vertebrae?

If it's minor; good posture. If it's major ... see a surgeon (or a neurologist if you're already paralyzed) Chiropractics is an excellent way to fix muscle problems without using medications that could possibly add to complications, but are useless for real vertebral problems (notwithstanding their claims). ...
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What do the initials D N A mean?

It stands for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid DNA makes up the double helix that is responsible for our genetic coding. ...
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Where is gray matters institute in chandigarh?

Grey Matter is in sector 17-C behind Indian coffee house .
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Are cigarette ashes flammable?

No, because flammable means "capable of being easily ignited and of burning quickly", and the ashes are the remnant of material which has already been burnt up and generally cannot burn any further because the flammable material has already oxidized. Of course, the ashes can still be dangerous if they're hot, and can cause other material to catch fire, but that's because the ashes are hot, and the other material is flammable and that other material can catch fire if the ashes are hot...
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Do pigs have a cerebral cortex?

Yes, pigs have a cerebral cortex.
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Can HPV cause a missed period?

No, your period will come normally. I was pregnant when i found out i have HPV but was told it will not mess up your period. Genital warts and cervical cancer are the only problems hpv could cause and both are rare. Two of my older sisters have had HPV. One had hers frozen and the other had it removed with lasers. None of us had any symptoms and didn't know we had a problem until we had pap smears. Mine...
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How many vertebrae do snakes have?

snakes have 100-400 or 120-350
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Could you live without both kidneys?

They could keep you alive artificially but you would be on dialisis constantly. If you were to not stay on your dialisis, then you would die. ...
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What WBC's are responsible for immunity?

Yes, Lymphocytes are responsible for immunity. But if you take dabur chyawanprash will definietly help you in improving immunity. ...
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How do you become half cat?

idk ive wanted to be for the longest time though i think you can get surgery i want to do that to get cat ears ;) ...
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How many toes does a miniature pincher have?

They usually have 8. It is possible they can have an extra toe. I have a mix bred he is beagle/ dashund mix. He has a extra toe on each foot. I think it mostly in mix breeds but could be possible with a pure bred. I do not know the cause tho. ...
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Should you tell your partner you have hpv?

Yes you do need to tell your partner you are infected with HPV. You need to tell him cause you could give him HPV. ...