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US military service members have a presence in over 60 nations around the world. They serve the US by serving her allies.

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Where is APO AE 09320?

APO AE 09320 is U.S. Army Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Afghanistan.

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What country is APO AE 09368?

Camp Marmal, Mazar-i Sharif, Afghanistan.

US Military Bases

What is Most populated military base in he world?

Fort Bragg, NC.

Whoever said ft bragg is sadly mistaking and not checking their facts. Ft hood has the most soldiers stationed on it currently, Ft bliss is the largest in area unless your counting white sands missile range. But with the huge expansion of ft bliss that is taking place currently, they are estimating soldiers, family members and contractors will increase by 65,000 by 2014. So Ft bliss will be giving ft hood a run for its money with the most soldiers stationed there and most people on base

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What country is apo ae 09301?

Army Post Office- Army Europe- Baghdad Iraq

US Military Bases

Who was Fort Sill named after?

Brigadier General Joshua W. Sill

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What country is APO AE 09630?


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When did the United States established its oldest existing overseas military base and where is it located?

Cuba is a correct answer, but the date is much earlier, at the beginning of the 20th century, say 1905, or thereabouts. As a result of the Spanish-American war, and the American defeat of Spain in Cuba. The United States leased the land and sea areas comprising the Guantanamo Naval Reservation from the newly formed Republic of Cuba in February 1903 and took custody on December 10, 1903. Since then the primary command occupying the reservation has been U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

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What is the distance between Austin and Houston Texas?

164 miles

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What is the closest military base in Baton Rouge?

Barksdale AFB, Bossier City, Louisiana if you want LA... But Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi is closer.

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How old do you have to be to buy beer on military base?

21. 18 for tobacco.

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What country is APO AE 09012?

Ramstein (Air Force Base) in Germany

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For whom was Fort Sumter named?

The Fort was named for Revolutionary War general Thomas Sumter (1734-1832), who also served as a US Representative (1789-93, 1797-1801), Senator (1801-10), and minister to Brazil (1810-11).

Sumter served with the British forces of Edward Braddock (1755) and John Forbes (1758) in their expeditions against Fort Duquesne in the French and Indian War, and later he fought against the Cherokee. He settled (1765) in South Carolina. Like Francis Marion, he formed a guerrilla band in the Revolution and harassed the British in the Carolinas. He and the British leader, Banastre Tarleton, struck at each other through 1780. The "gamecock of the Revolution," as Sumter was called, was successful at Hanging Rock, barely escaped with his life at Fishing Creek, was repulsed in a raid on the British post at Rocky Mount, but won again at Blackstock.

US Military Bases

What are the 10 largest military bases in the US?

As of June 2015, the largest military bases on American soil are: Fort Hood, TX, Camp Lejeune, NC, Camp Pendleton, CA, Fort Lewis-McCord, WA, Fort Dix-McGuire, NJ, Fort Campbell, KY, Norfolk Navy Base, VA, Eglin AFB, FL, Fort Bragg, NC. Fort Benning, GA.

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What law prevents the us president from using the military on American citizens?

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US Military Bases

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What are the hours for the class six store at fort bragg nc on Sunday?

Monday-Thursday 10-8
Friday-Sat 10-10
Sunday 11-5

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What was base salary for a draftee during World War 2?

According to the "Military Compensation Background Papers," the base pay for an E-1 in 1941 was $40 per month (this does not include any allowances for housing. E-2 $46 E-3 $64 E-4 $70

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Where is the largest military base in us?

Fort Bliss in Texas and New Mexico is the largest contiguous base at 1,120,000 acres.

The largest testing facility is associated with Nellis AFB, the Nevada Test and Training Range is approximately 2,999,680 acres.

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Where is APO AE 09353?

Wiesbaden, Germany

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Where is APO AE 09399?

Apo Ae 09399 is associated with the Newark processing center for mail that's been ordered online from different sites like Amazon, Drug and it's destination is the middle east. It will show up will you go to USPS .com to try and track a package it's beginning to start it's route.

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What are military posts?

a post can be a few things but is generaly the place where you stand a watch, the army also refers to their bases as posts

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Where is apo ae 09374?

Camp Basrah, Iraq

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What is the reason Retreat is played on a military base at the end of the day?

Retreat is played for the lowering of the colors (FLAG).

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What does the military designation DNB stand for?

DNB- Died in Line of Duty, non-battle

It took me a while to find out as well.

This doesn't mean that they died necessarily doing routine things. My grandfather died, from wounds he received during battle, several weeks later. He is listed as DNB. Just a point of clarification.

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Fort Worth

After whom was fort barrette named?

Fort Barrette in Hawaii was named after General John Davenport Barrette.


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