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Currently, there are signs of wind on Pluto, but no evidence yet, until the NASA spacecraft arrives there in 2015. To have "wind" on the surface of any planet requires the presence of an atmosphere. If an atmosphere exists, then there will be areas of higher and lower pressure and therefore a pressure gradient between the two points, hence a wind blows to equalise pressure overall. Given the outgassing that accompanies Pluto's closest approach to the Sun, there may be measurable flows of sublimated gases.

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Q: Is there evidence of wind on Pluto?
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What is the wind of Pluto?

First of all, we have not even observed an atmosphere on Pluto yet. It is theorized that Pluto has a very thin atmosphere, much too thin for wind.

What is the wind speed on Pluto?

As there is no atmosphere on Pluto, there cannot be any windActually it does have an atmosphere with wind.Basically, leave the internet and look in a book, for the internet does not know this answer.

Does Pluto have evidence of volcanic eruption?


Are there any active volcanoes on Pluto?

Pluto is geologically active but there is no evidence of volcanoes.

How fast does wind blow on Pluto?

It is theorized that Pluto has a thin temporary atmosphere when it is closest to the Sun, but no wind has ever been detected or observed.

Is there any wind on Pluto?

Yes there is maybe

Some scienctist have suggested that Pluto is not a planet what evidence supports such an idea?

Pluto IS NOT a planet - by definition.

Find some evidence that you think shows that Pluto should or should not be classed as a planet?

evidence that you think shows that Pluto should or should not be classed as a planet

Why did Pluto change into a dwarf planet?

Pluto itself did not change, but astronomers information about Pluto has improved. New evidence was considered to show that Pluto qualifies as a planetesimal, not a full-blown planet.

Is there evidence of volcanoes on Pluto?

At this time, astronomers have found no evidence of the presence of volcanoes on Pluto. However, they do believe the planet is going through some kind of global warming on its surface.

Is there evidence of wind on venus?

There is evidence of wind on Venus above the clouds. It blows at about 300-400 kilometers per hour. There is no wind at the surface of Venus.

What evidence help sciencetist decidet that if Pluto is dwarf?

It's size.

Is there any evidence of wind on uranus?

There is evidence of wind on Uranus. Wind speeds on Uranus can reach 560 miles per hour, or 900 kilometers per hour.

Wind speed on Pluto?

Marciela AND Alex say its very fast

Is there evidence of wind on Uranus?

yes there is

How did the scientsts collect evidence that Pluto is not a planet?

Well first of all, Pluto is very small like a star. Plus it is far away and cold and you have to be close enough or be on Pluto to see it.

Is there evidence of volcanic activity on Pluto?

No, for two reasons. First, Pluto is so far away and so tiny that little is known about it. Second, Pluto is so cold that there could not be any volcanic activity.

Does Saturn have any evidence of wind?


What are the wind speeds on Pluto?

Pluto only has a temporary atmosphere during its summer, and we have not measured it as of 2017.It is currently Summer on Pluto, and will continue to be Summer until February 2114.

Was there a storm or tornado on Pluto?

There is no evidence of storms on Pluto, but little is known about the dwarf planet. Most likely, though it does not have enough of an atmosphere fore storms to occur.

Is there evidence of wind on the planet of Jupiter?

There is evidence of wind on the planet Jupiter. Winds can reach speeds of 100 meters per second, or 360 kilometers per hour.

What kind of storms does Pluto have?

Sometimes it has snowstorms from the ice and snow that is the covering. Then there are some wind storms.

Do wind turbines help decrease health problems?

No, there is no evidence that wind farms will improve your health. They are neutral.

Where would i get energy from on Pluto?

Solar energy would be weak, but not impossible. Wind energy would be your best source. Pluto may also contain flammable gasses or oils usable for energy, but until we walk on Pluto, we wont know.

What is the wind speeds of Pluto?

The temperature of Pluto is so cold that the only gas that could exist in an unfrozen state during part of its orbit is Helium. All other gases are frozen. Helium is so light and Pluto's gravity so weak that any wind at above 1/10 kilometer /hour would blow any gaseous Helium into outer space. If Pluto has an extremely thin atmosphere, it has extremely slow wind speed.