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if you think so then maybe

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Q: Is there frozen water under the surface of the moon?
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Does the moon have water if yes why?

It is a fact that there is water on the moon, just frozen under it's surface

What moon has a frozen ocean?

Europa, a moon of Jupiter, has a frozen surface with the possibility of a liquid ocean under the surface.

Is there frozen water on the Moon's surface?

There is some indirect evidence of frozen water on the Moon, no one can be sure of how much exactly.

Is there any liquid water in the moon?

no Not on the surface; some speculate that there may be frozen water beneath the surface.

What moon of Jupiter possibly has water under its surface?


Which moon has liquid water in it?

It is thought that Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, may have liquid water beneath a frozen surface.

Is there water at the moon?

No, but there is frozen water on Mars.

Is water at the moon?

No, but there is frozen water on Mars.

Where is the liquid water on the Moon?

There is no liquid water on the moon. There is some evidence that there is frozen water.

Why would one take water to the moon?

because the water on the moon is frozen

What did lunar missions discover about the moon?

They found that the moon is a hostile place to stay , with no water at all. But now they say there is water under the moons surface.

Is there any water on the surface of the moon?

Yes there is water on the moon