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No kidding. Just type in sly 4 in Google

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Q: Is there going to be a fourth Sly game?
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Related questions

Is there going to be a Sly 5 game?

There is no details as to whether there will be a Sly 5 game yet.

How does sly loose his memory in Sly 3?

In Sly 3, he doesn't really lose his memory, he fakes it and gets married to Carmelita, that's why he winked at the end of the game. Luckily, their making a new Sly but unfortunately, its not going to be about sly, my guess is that its going to be Sly's and Carmelita's children.

Is there going to be a sly 4 the game?

likely at best, game informer was showing games and their likelyhood of return, and they said likiely at best for another sly. personally i love sly games, my cat is named sly

Did Sly die in Sly Cooper Thieves In Time?

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is the fourth title of the Sly Cooper series of video games. Thieves in Time is available on the PlayStation 3. In this game Sly does not in fact die, he does however go missing and is not found.

Is there going to be a sly Cooper 4?

Yes, Sly Cooper will be coming out fall 2011. A guy from Sucker Punch said "Sly Cooper 4 will be the best game of its series. The main character of this game will be Bentley and Murray and Sly. They will travel in time seeking his ancestor's."

Will there be a fourth sly Cooper?

Yes. Look on Youtube "Sly Collection Sly Cooper 4 Trailor"

What is sly cooper thieves be forever?

A rumour going around that could be a 5th sly cooper game. Personally, I hope it's true, but the title threw me off.

Why is insomniac not doing the sly games anymore?

they are actuley and relesing a fourth sly next year

Is inFAMOUS a new Sly game or is it just a new suckerpunch game?

No inFamous is another game. I heard that after it is done they r going to make sly 4. I don't know the name or the out line or when it even comes out. so just DON'T ask!

Is there a sly 4 yet?

In the newly released game "The Sly Collection" The game (Sly 4) was somewhat teased.

Is Infamous going to be Sly 4?

sorry but no Infamous is a superhero type action game(i think).

What is the name of Sly 4?

First the game doesn't exist (yet), second the truth is that it is NOT going to be "Cane of Destiny" or "King of Thieves" that is all I know about this... Yes there is it is going to be called sly 4: thieves in time

Is sly 4 coming out to ps2?

No. The PS2 is really going out of date. And as a Sly fan and expert answerer I know its coming out for PSP and PS3 ONLY. Sly 4 is not coming out but the PS3 is having a new Sly crossover game for the PS3 called Heroes on the Move

Are they going to make another sly cooper game?

The have been rumors and hints about it ( especially in inFamous) however, Sucker Punch has never anounced the release of Sly 4. Here's hoping!

Will Murray be in Sly 4?

Murray has to be in Sly 4 he's one of the coolest guys on the team. The game wouldn't be fun without him on the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Murray is in sly 4. So you mean ther is going to BE a Sly 4? Cool! I'm a swedish girl, when do it come in sweden?

When will the fourth sly be released?

feburary 20 2009

Is Sly going to re marry Carmelita in sly 4?

no he won't

Is Sly going to re-marry Carmelita in sly 4?

Sly and Carmelita never married in the first place!

What is going to be the name of sly 5?

.yes there is a sly 5 because I'm the man who ask this question and I have sly 5 and sly 7.thats narley

What is the next sly cooper game?

It is called Sly 4 Thieves in Time , Sly 4 Thieves in Time , or Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.

What is the second game of sly Cooper?

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Is clockwork going to be in sly 4?

It's unknown if he will reappear in Sly 4.

Is Sly Cooper and Thievious Racoonus a 2p game?

No so far only sly 3 is. Sly 4 may be

Who invented sly cooper is it chris cooper?

Sly cooper is a video game, the Game was made Sucker Punch Productions.

What channel does sly Cooper come on?

none sly cooper is a video game