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Yes, it's called Warriors Orochi: Rebirth of the Demon. Comes out on April 3rd in Japan. They added Nu Wa and Fu Xi. There is Dramatic Mode, Survival Mode and Versus Mode added. All the SW2XL are added as well. Maps from SW2XL are added and brand new maps for WO:RofD are added too. There will also be new gameplay systems. It is for the PS2 (at least).


in England and America, it's just called warriors orochi 2, anf it comes out on the 19th of September 2008 in England, and in America, it comes out on the 23rd of September 2008...i can't wait. oh, and there are many other new characters from Chinese and Japanese history (not all from the times that DW and SW games are set) and it will be for Xbox 360 and ps2 (both same release dates)

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Q: Is there going to be a warriors orochi 2?
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How do you get Orochi X on warriors Orochi 2?

how to i can have orochi x

What are the warriors orochi 2 ingredients?


In warriors orochi can 2 people be 2 different teams?

In Warriors Orochi, the second player will always use the same team with a palette swap (outfit change). There is no way to change this.

Why did lu bu join Wu in warriors orochi 2?

He desired to be dominated to no one, to prove that he and not Orochi is the best there is.

How do you unlock orochi in warriors orochi?

Unlock all the characters on Story mode beside orochi

How do you get shin orochi on warriors orochi 2?

You have to complete all dream stages and complete all story mode stages

Is Warriors Orochi 2 for PSP?

Yeah it is you can buy it at the psn for $29.99

How do you unlock everybody on warriors orochi on psp system?

You'll need to clear all the remaining quest that you have. But you cannot unlock some of the characters ( warriors orochi 2 ) because they are special characters. ( other 2 )

Will warriors orochi 2 come out in America?

Yeah, I think so. I'm not sure when, but its going to come out on PS2 sometime this year. :D

Is warriors orochi 3 going to be for ps2?

No PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are available at amazon

How do you get ingredients for warriors orochi 2?

they are treasure they were called ingredients because of the Japanese version

When does warriors orochi 3 come out?

No official date yet. warriors orochi z was released in japan but not the official 3rd. Just added content to the 2nd

Is zhou yun with wei in warriors orochi 2?

No, he's always gonna be in the Shu army.

What is the official site for warriors orochi 2?

ok, cool question. go 2 wikipedia and type in warriors orochi 2. then go 2 the bottom and find references i think? anyway, somewhere at the bottom of the page it will say official site. one in English, one in Japanese. i can read Japanese but... lol

How do you get unique item in warriors orochi?

By finishing a quest. ( chaos )

Is Warriors Orochi 2 coming for PC?

It's coming to the PC March 2008 the exact date is unknown.

How do you unlock cao ren in warriors orochi 1?

poti khao

How do you unlock characters in warriors orochi?

By completing all the missions from Wei, Wu, Shu, and SW

In warriors orochi 2 how do you get 50 profiency?

Pick a character you like best. Always use the character, and defeat a lot of enemies. And unskilled warriors too. You can unlock a lot of special items if you have a lot of proficiency.

How you unlock 27 stage in dream mode in warriors orochi 2?

gimana cara nya membuka dream mode stage 1,2,dan 27

How do you unlock all dream mode stages in warriors orochi 2?

You have to clear all of the quest. ( Easy Normal Hard Chaos ) Each of the quest and places.

Is there any way for you to play orochi warriors 3 European game on your American PS3 game consule?


Why cannot use Guan Yu in warriors orochi?

you can use Guan Yu, but you have to unlock him in Shu Story Mode

How do you unlock zhen ji from warriors orochi?

Attack all of the sorcerers and kill the fake cao pi quickly as possible

How do you get keiji maeda horse on warriors orochi 2?

You have to get your Calvalier to 11. when you get it to 11 just select calvalier for one of the abilities and when you start the battle keiji meada's horse will be your steed for the battle.