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yes halo universre

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โˆ™ 2011-04-15 22:38:04
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Q: Is there going to have a new halo?
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What is the launch date for Halo Waypoint?

The launch date for Halo Waypoint is going to be November 5th, which is when the new anime series, Halo Legends, is going to premiere.

Is Microsoft going to make a new halo after reach?

They say that their will be a halo 4, which is the movie.

Is the DMR going to be in halo 4?

The DMR has been confirmed that it is coming back into the halo series. Aslo the br,ar, and the new rail gun is going to be in halo 4 as well.

Is there going to be a new Halo 3?

If you count Halo 3: Recon, but you don't play as the master chief on that.

Will there be a Halo 5 Game?

Yes. 343 Studios is going to make a new HALO trilogy consisting of HALO 4, 5 and 6.

When is there going to be a new halo?

this march its called halo wars and halo 4 should be coming out in the next few years after that their won't be anymore

Will 343 studios come out with a new halo or not?

They are making another halo game but it is unknown what it is going to be. Popular rumors are a halo 4 with master cheif, halo wars 2, and a halo CE remake

Is there going to be a new halo?

Many people say there is going to be a halo 4, because the UNSC has to fight off the remaining cov. that master chief has found!

Is there going to be a whole new halo series because of Reach?

not by bungie 343 industries will take up halo series!

Is halo reach the final halo?

Halo: Reach is probably not the last Halo game. 343 Industries, the guys who took over the Halo series said there is a 90 % chance they will make a new one. Well you are wrong who ever made that answer because today is 2012 and bungie is not going to make it.But the new company that is going to make the new is really is copy a lot of things from halo: Reach.The new halo game is going to be called halo 4 it mabey coming to game stop in i don't know 2013 or 2014 sorry that i don't know when is coming out.But there is good news you can pre-oder it at game i think.

If there going to be a halo movie?

yes there already is and there making a new one in 2011.

Is htere going to be an Halo 4?

Halo 4 is not going to come out. Bungie is working on the last halo game which is Halo 3 ODST.

What is halo 4 going to be called?

Halo 4 is called Halo 4.

Is there going to be a Halo Combat Evolved Remake?

Yes there will be it might be out on 15/11/11 if it dos it will mark the 10th anaversity of halo ce and there might not be split screen in the new halo ce.

How many halo video games are they going to make?

im not sure how many they ARE going to make but so far there's halo 1,2,3,4 halo wars, halo ODST, halo: Reach, halo anniversary, and more coming

How many halo games are they going to make?

they are going to make halo 4 but bunige will not be making that

Will halo recon be like Halo 3?

i think its is going to be similar to halo 3

Is a new halo game being made?

Yes. Halo ODST is the new Halo game.

Will there be a new halo after reach?

chances are no their will not be a new halo after reach

Is Halo 3 going to be on regular xbox?

no if you still have an xbox no new games wil come out for it

Will there be a new halo?

halo reach is the last halo for good

Is halo 4 going to be like Halo 3?

no or maybe

Is the arbirter going to be in halo 4?

No, the Arbiter is not in Halo 4.

What is going to be the last halo game?

halo reach but its only going to be on ps3 Zacmoo: what the hell are u talking about its on the XBOX 360 right now! and there is going to be another halo game

Is threre going to be a new halo 4?

yes. it was announced at e3 2011.... there was a teaser trailer for it.... And yes, Master Chief will be returning and it was stated that it will be the start of a new Halo trilogy.... check out the trailer on youtube....