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There ca an intimacy after an affair if they still have feelings for each other.


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An "emotional affair" is an affair, which excludes physical intimacy but includes emotional intimacy. It may also be called an affair of the heart. Where one partner is in a committed monogamous relationship, an emotional affair is a type of chaste nonmonogamy without consummation. When the affair breaches an agreement in the monogamous relationship of one of the partners to the affair, the term infidelity may be more apt source: wikipedia

An affair is a betrayal of trust, and it is very hard to be comfortable and intimate with someone (your husband or anyone else) when your trust has been betrayed.

Confess to a different priest. Stop it Do you penence . You will be forgiven . Avoid you former lover .

AnswerGo ask your wife and her lover if they are ok with a threesome. ANSWER:Could it be that you know how your wife is in bed when the two of you is having intimacy, and now she is doing it with another man, and to you, that will be a turn on. Don't understand how but when it happens to me, it was hard to have intimacy with the man I married..

I assume the person doesn't what to know what constitutes an extramarital affair. When? When enough is enough, when, for whatever reason (children, love, financial dependance,etc) you want to keep the marriage but are not satisfied with what it provides you (companionship, understanding, intimacy).

when he has somthing in his pocket ANSWER: In what kind of relationship? to your spouse or your spouse having an affair? The question is a bit complex so I can't really give you the right answer.

Intimacy is private closeness and familiarity. There would be intimacy between a husband and wife or very good friends. A quiet corner in a favorite restaurant could have a sense of intimacy.

The duration of Intimacy - film - is 1.98 hours.

Hi. I think that the intimacy of a relationship can be whatever you want it to be. The intimacy of my relationship is how i feel when we see each other or when we are about to see each other. the intimacy could be how you feel around each other.

Sexual intimacy could be having sex with someone, being physically close together. Emotional intimacy may be people who like each other a lot and share and feel similar emotions, but may not be involved in a physical aspect of the relationship. Emotional intimacy may often be before sexual intimacy.

Yes. They are most commonly used during intimacy.

That is the correct spelling of the noun "intimacy" (referring to a close relationship).

The Intimacy of the Blues was created on 1967-03-15.

Intimacy - novel - was created in 1998.

If your pet intimacy is low just keep the pet fighting monsters because this will increase the pet's intimacy

The same way you have intimacy with anyone else. By spending time alone with them.

an affair is when a guy and a women are married and either the guy is secretly seeing someone else or its the other way around.ANSWER:Affair is a relationship with another person who is not your husband or wife. Affair is not a one night stand relationship that you can go home and act like nothing happen. Affair is a relationship that will last months or maybe years because the person who's having an affair do fall in love with the other woman or other man. There are two kinds of "Affair", one is Emotional affair where a spouse become close to the other person who is not the spouse. It brings two person very close because they can talk about anything, and they can only share it to each others.Physical affair is all about intimacy with feelings, because they are more closer and love each others. Physical Affair is dangerous to but not like emotional. emotional affair is what breaks and destroy marriage or end up having divorce.

Yes. All the time. I can't think of the last time we have had sex where I wasn't thinking about if he was thinking about her. I just don't want to do it anymore to be honest.

Yes, he married actress Mary Ansell in 1894. The marriage was lacking in intimacy (so to speak), and she began an affair in 1908. Sir James divorced her the following year.

Intimacy - film - was created on 2001-11-23.

Does denial of physical intimacy constitute grounds for divorce?

Intimacy with God is when you have a very close relationship with him. You pray, read your Bible and always talk about him.

Intimacy is a noun, intimate is an adjective. Otherwise they express the same concept.

Social intimacy is the closeness that two people share together. To make any relationship successful intimacy should be shared by the couple doing various activities together and talking.

Shirley Gehrke Luthman has written: 'Intimacy' 'Intimacy: the essence of male and female' -- subject(s): Intimacy (Psychology), Maturation (Psychology), Sex role

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