Is there life inside the sun?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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There might be, but wee have no way to find out.

If we get even remotly clos to the sun, we will burn away.

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Q: Is there life inside the sun?
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Is there any creature living in the sun?

No, it is too hot for any life to be sustained inside the Sun.

How does atmosphere support life?

it atchually traps things inside without it we will have no mass and fireball from sun will attack us

Is there life on the sun?

no there is not life on the sun.

What happens inside the sun to the electron in hydrogen atoms?

Inside the sun, electrons are stripped from the protons by the sun´s intense heat.

Is there a life on the sun?

No, there is know life on the sun.

Is the earths orbit or the sun bigger?

If the Sun were larger than Earth's orbit, we'd be inside it. Are we inside it? There you go.

Is the sun the source of energy in most energy resources?

The Earth has two sources of energy, the sun's radiation and heat from inside the Earth. The sun is most important and life could hardly exist except at a very primitive level without it.

Do you grow sunflowers inside or outside?

if you think about it, it's in the name sun. They need to grow outside to get to the sun. but you can grow them inside to.just put them by a window that has alot of sun

What are two parts of the sun?

the sun is a star with lots of gases inside of it

Is the inside of the sun particles a living thing?

No. Nothing in the sun is alive.

What does a sun represent?

The sun represents life or a powerful life-force.

Does the sun have life on it?

No it is too hot for any life to survive on the sun