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Is there only german zombies in Nazi zombies?


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It started with the Nazi Zombies, but more maps have been added. The Black Ops has 11 different maps available and some are not Nazi zombies but other kinds of zombies


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Not in the campaign. you can in Nazi zombies and in multiplayer.

you cant nazi zombies is only for ps3 xbox 360 and PC

No. No unfortently they dony have cod5 nazi zombies on ps2 at all, only final fronts without zombies.

There can only be 24 zombies at one time aka the waves.

How did Nazi Zombies, WHAT? You have an incomplete question.

nazi zombies is only for call of duty world at war PS3 XBOX 360 and PC

Duhhhh Nazi German Ones! :] shi no numa: Japan zombies and the rest im pretty sure are Germans =>)

Only if they were fat in life.

No Call of duty 5 only has Nazi Zombies for PC,Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 :)

It doesn't have the Nazi zombies bonus mode. Its only for the pc, xbox and ps3.

No there are only zombies in the Treyarch Games WAW and Black Ops

Nazi zombies is renamed COD Zombies now.

Sorry, but there is no such thing for ps2, call of duty, that has Nazi zombies. It's only for computers, xbox360, and ps3.

If you beat the game you can get nazi zombies

The Nazi Zombies always know where you're at.

German: Richtofen Russian: Nikolai Japanese: Takeo American: Dempsy

Well not yet but if you want to email the people who made Nazi zombies for that and have Nazi zombies for Wii

The Nazi zombies are just zombies in Black Ops and World at War.

no you can not tget the nazi zombies on ps2

no where is nazi zombies 4, 3, 2, and 1

actually no you can't because i have the game and there are only 13 missions/levels and i have completed it on all difficulties and you cannot play nazi zombies, it is a campaign game only

As of now, there is no Nazi zombies. This was more the theme of CoD: 5 since the theme was WWII (Therefore nazis.) As of now there is only regular zombies.

No you can not buy the ray gun on WaW zombies or cod black ops zombies. You can only get it from the mystery box.

You actually can't get outside in Nazi Zombies but if you battle online or offline you can go to Airfield. It takes place in the backround of Nazi Zombies.

they only have it on call of duty world at war nazi zombies for ps3,xbox 360,and pc. and the wii is gay.

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