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There really is a color. It is sky blue!

2006-07-16 03:42:32
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What is the spiders' diet?

Well, it really eats themselves, other spiders, which is really weird??

Why are we afraid of spiders and not dogs?

because spiders are small and are really creepy

Are there really big spiders in New Zealand?

Large spiders can be found anywhere in the world. So, yes there are big spiders in New Zealand.

What is a poem about spiders?

Here is a poem:SpidersSpiders are curious insects to see,Their webs are really neat.But how do they weave them elaborately,When all they have is feet?

Is it good for you to eat spiders?

What do you think? Really?!?!

Do spiders really have a queen?

no they dont have a queen

Where do spiders that have claws live?

All spiders have claws, just really really tiny claws on the edges of their feet. Spiders live basically everywhere, from burrows in the ground and webs in the trees to the dark corners of houses.

Is a spiders abdomen hard?

i think that a spiders abdomen is acually really softcause when you kill one it is really smashable any ways im really smart huh?nlsxisksq;odhupf

How do you clean lime off ceilings?

Get a ladder, get a [wet, soapy] scrubby, and scrub really hard.

What are people called who really hate spiders?

These people would be called arachnophobic. Arachnophobia is the phobia of spiders.

Are granddaddy long legs really spiders?


Do wolf spiders bite people?

yes but not really

Do bird s eat spiders?

if they are really hungry

How do you get 99 strength?

f2p i say 1-30:cows lumbirdge good money making the hide 30-60-cave crawlers in strong hold good for pop up people 60-70hill giants big bones money making 70-80 moss giants money making 80-90 giant spiders-stronghold:xp -90-99 giant spiders there got really good xp and there auto attackers so there really popular to kill

How many people can jumping spiders kill?

I really dont think that jumping spiders can kill any one

How many floors is 131 feet?

It depends on how high the ceilings are.Modern buildings usually have 8 foot ceilings and run ten feet per story. So 131 feet means 13.1 floors.Older buildings can be as much as 15 feet per story if they have really high ceilings.

What are the dolls with small heads and really long legs?


Do pigs likes spiders?

I don't think they are really that bothered by them.

Can spiders fly?

No, spiders cannot fly. I think there is a 'flying spider', but it doesn't really fly, but it just jumps large distances.

What is the funnel web spiders diet?

Well, it doesn't really have a diet. Funnel web spiders eat snails, frogs, and insects.

Do 8 spiders really crawl into your mouth a year?

As far as I know, you eat at least eight spiders in your lifetime, not per year.

How deadly is the poison spiders produce?

It really depends on the spider. Many Spiders actually aren't deadly or even poisonous to humans.

Are grandaddy longlegs poisonous?

No. According to many entomologists they are not. These are insects and are not even true spiders. This rumor has been all around the place making these critters seem more dangerous than they really are. As one of my professors had said, "It is really hard to be the most poisonous spider in the world when you have no venom." There are many sites you can visit on entomology. Just search Opiliones or Harvestmen.

Do spiders like warm places?

We can't really say that all spiders like warm habitat. some of them like the camel spider,(winded scorpion),live in desserts. But not all of the spiders do.

What do you call it when someone has a fear of bugs?

The fear of bugs is called entomophobia. This can include the fear of bees, but not the fear of spiders, as spiders are not really bugs.