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he stares at your chest :p

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I really like this guy but he doesnt know i exist what should i do?

If you really like a guy, the best way is making sure that he has your attention.

If a girl Knows that you like her how does the guy know she likes him back?

ask her... its really the only way to know for sure!

If you have a crush on a guy but he doesn't even know that you exist and your dad is way too protective to let you have a boyfriend but you really like the guy what would you do?

Talk to the guy, and talk to your dad about this guy, not in a way that your dad will get the impression that you really like him just as a friend you just met or is getting to know. Talk to the guy, not in a firty way. Just get to know him. Or you would ask one of your friends to talk to him for you and tell him what you think of him. ;}

I like a guy but we don't know each other that well what do I do?

The best way is to just ask him out, it's the only way to get to know him really.

How can a guy know that you like him even if you never show it?

Well, if you show no signs of liking him there really is no way he could know that you like him! Show him your interested!

How do you know if you really fancy a guy?

You will know by the way you feel towards him and the way he makes you feel.

How do you know if you really love your boyfriend?

Honestly the way you know if you really love your boyfriend you get this feeling of butterflys in your stomach when your with him and you feel like hes the only guy you wanna spend your life with and the only guy you wanna be with!(:

How do you know if a guy is crunching on you?

The way he looks at you will make you know if he really is crunching on you.

What are reasons a guy would ask you who you like?

They could either really want to know the answer or probably ask to see because they like you, and if you tell them who you really like, they try to be like that person so you will feel the same way about them they way they do about you....

How to know when a girl or guy is gay?

Why do you need to know? If you really have to know, the only way is to ask them.

What if you like a guy and you thinks he likes you back what do you do?

You should go for it theres no other way to really know unless you really ask instead of just letting a friend do it for you

How do you no if the guy you really like likes you back?

there really is no for sure way to tell, but if hes nice pays you compliments, and is really just a nice guy

What do i do if the guy i like knows that i like him and i think he's freaked out by it?

you talk about it to him. i know that's not what you want to do and it might be awkward but its the only way to really know how he feels about you, he might like you back. if that is way to awkward for you try bringing it up while texting him..

What does that mean if the guy you like looks at you and smiles when your friend tells him you like him?

He might think your cute, like you, or be flattered that you like him. The only way to really know is to ask him or ask to be his girlfriend.

You really Like this guy but you dont want to say you still like him you cant stop thinking about him you dont know what to do can some one help you?

Yes someone can help you, but i think you should tell this guy you like him...you never know, he could feel the same way:)

How do you know if your guy friend who you're in love with really likes you back?

I think the general rule is that if you have to ask the question, "does he/she like me" the answer is probably "not the way I want them to". You would know if they did.

How can a girl tell if a guy is a virgin?

There is really no sure way to know that. The girl can ask, but the guy might not answer truthfully.

How do a know if the guy that you like is gay?

There's no better way to find out than ask the guy if he's gay. That way you will know and can move on if he is gay.

What should you do if a guy that you like asks you if you like him?

sorry chick but you are way off! let him know the truth lying to him will just turn him off because he might know you really do like him and who wants to date a liar!

What should you do the guy you like lives in the UK and you really like him and he is nice and you have a lot in commin but you don't know if he likes you in that way you don't know what to do?

Welll it really all depends are you sure its him who he claims to be and are you sure about what you feel also Howalong have you known him?

What do guys like the most?

Really it depends on the guy. Try to find out what the guy likes. Example My friends really like video games and music, if the guy you like likes those things, start to show an interest. If you don't know what a guy likes then try to find out by asking his friends but don't tip them off that u like them because they will tell him 93% of the time. If this doesn't work then maybe he isn't worth it. (I'm a guy so a know this by the way.)

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