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Some people naturally get along more so then others, but no one is perfect. You will always have some conflicts and need for compromise. Just ask yourself if you really enjoy this person and if and when they are around, things are better. No one is perfect, so don't expect it. Just be willing to work at any relationship if that person is worth it.

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What if someone always states they are a good person?

Noone is perfect, you can be a good person at heart but everyone has arguements and conflicts. It is the way of life.

What is perfect figure for hot men?

There is no "perfect" figure. Everyone has their own unique physique, and each person is attracted to something different. The best answer then is that it depends on who's looking and what type of person the man is trying to attract.

What are the difficulties that film actors face?

One word paparazzi. Everyone follows them around and tries to find something wrong with them. Then they will probably make something up and say they are a bad role model,, when they want to be an actor or actress and not be the perfect person everyone wants them to be.

Who is the most perfect person in the world?

when your feeling down, and your hearts about to break, remember that your perfect, god makes no mistakes. this was sung by Bon Jovi, it means that there is no perfect person, even those who have a disability or are murders are somhow perfect, everyone is perfect also you,

Is Jesse McCartney perfect for evrione?

nobody is perfect. he may be perfect for you as a person but we have different perspective for people so if you liked him very much or if you think he is perfect for you then it's your freedom to choose but he will never be perfect for everyone.

What is meant by what is good for an individual is not always good for a population?

Exactly what it says: something that is good for one person may not be good for everyone else, or the group as a whole.

Who should everyone respect everyone no matter what who is a person that we should always resppect?

depends on you, you should know what to do.

What would you say is something you can improve?

There is always something that a person can improve on. One thing that most people can always improve on is education. There is always something to learn.

What is the word for a person who always goes against what everyone else does?


How can a person love someone?

When a person comes into your life and they are an amazing friend or you share something with them that is perfect. Then how can you not love them?

Anyone have any ideas for wedding gifts for my best friend since grade school?

As you have known this person forever, it may be easier to do something for her, then giver her a thing. It is always difficult to find the perfect thing, however if you were to plan an activity for her, something the two of you could appreciate fully, this may be the perfect gift for her.

What is a perfectionist?

A person who has to have everything pretty much perfect or its going to bug them. A perfectionist is a person who will work and work at something and continue to improve it, until it's seen in their eyes as perfect.

Why is Ophrah considerate to everyone rather than one particular person?

No one is perfect! Even Oprah is human...

What do you call call a person who always finds something?


What was Hitler's solution to Germany's problems?

kill everyone and anyone who was not a perfect person. he wanted a master race of german citizens

Who is Lily Buysse?

She is a very smart person that is the best in the world and everyone should always listen to her.

A person who thinks theirs always something medical wrong with them?


What was Michael Jackson's biggest challenge?

probably having to deal with all the haters in the world that always knit picked everything he did. i mean he was just a human being, no one is perfect and everyone was expecting him to be. All that stress can really impact a person.

How do you get the perfect girlfriend?

To get a perfect girlfriend you have to search for her. You can find her anywhere. It also varies what you consider as perfect.

Can someone be too immature to fall in love even if the other person is perfect for them?

Immaturity has no limits, and everyone falls in love someday.

How do i look perfect for school?

if there are lots of people who have the same clothes and everyone likes them for what they do copy that person but nothing else but there popularity width

What is a goody toosh shoe?

a goody two shoe is someone who does EVERYTHING right and is not bad at all. this person is 'perfect' and everyone likes them.

What is the definition of an ideal beauty?

The definition of ideal beauty is different for every single person. Ideal beauty is something that is perfect to the person looking.

How do you know for sure that someone really likes you even though everyone says you're perfect for each other?

Just ask the person that is the " perfect match " for you if they like you. If they do ,then you are good. But you have to like them too

Should you get a cat or a dog?

I have a cat and a dog. I love both of them do death. I can't answer your question, but i can help you answer it yourself. If you are a totally calm layed back person you and a cat would be a perfect match. But if you are always looking for something exciting to do you will find that a dog is always keeping you on your toes. Dog's are always READY FOR ACTION. and cats are always, READY TO SLEEP!

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