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It can be shallow or deep.

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Q: Is there shallow or deep water in a muskeg?
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Is deep water more or less dense than shallow water?

Shallow water is more dense than Deep water. This means that a wave travelling from deep water to shallow water would bend towards the normal. Also, the wave would travel slower in the shallow than in the deep water

Is there more animal life in shallow or deep water?

there is more animal life in deep and shallow water.

Do Echinoderms live in Deep water or Shallow water?

Seahorses tend to like Shallow Waters More than Deep Waters

Are tides deep water or shallow water waves?

Deep Water

What is the difference between deep water and shallow water?

Its better to swim in the deep water but if you have a child its safe to swim in the shallow water.

Why would you rather fish in deep water than shallow water?

deep and shallow it depends on you! i like shallow myself u get more fish

Does Dolphins live in shallow or deep water?

They live in shallow sea water

Does a sea horse live in shallow water or deep water?

Deep water

What is a word for describing water that is not shallow?

The opposite of shallow is deep.

Does starfish live in shallow or deep?

deep ---Actually, starfish live in shallow water. Or, rocky pools.

What is meant by deep root and shallow root system?

Shallow roots are roots that were shallow and grows horizontally, it conserves water during the rains. Deep roots were roots that grows deep into the ground to obtain water.

Can deep-water and shallow-water waves exist at the same point offshore?

can deep water waves and shallow water waves exist at the same point offshore?