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let your cat drink green tea 20oz a day that will clean out her Plumbing


Too much caffeine can be lethal to cats. You can also try mixing canned, puréed pumpkin (2 tablespoons) into some wet food. Oily fish such as tuna is also said to work very well (rinse/dab off the excess oil before feeding it to your cat). Salmon oil is also a fantastic way of helping a cat in constipation.

Above all, make sure the cat drinks plenty of water as this helps flush out toxins and insures the cat does not get dehydrated.

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Q: Is there something I can give my cat to help her poop?
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AnswerI don't know about medication, but you can feed the cat canned pumpkin pulp (not the sweetened pie filling). Pumpkin and oily fish act as a lubricant and help things move along.

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