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There is absolutely nothing wrong with you because you don't have a boyfriend. Lots of young men and women don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend because sometimes they simply don't have time because they study a lot, or they could be into sports that takes up a great deal of their time. There are lots of single girls out there. NEVER be fooled if you see a lot of your girlfriends dating one guy after the other because in many cases these girls are "putting out" and of course they are popular because of it. My niece went through this and thought she was ugly because no guy had asked her out (she is a beautiful girl) and now she is batting the guys off with a Baseball bat. Young men in high school are roaring around with high testosterone levels and are flighty to say the least and aren't into serious relationships (the same goes for many of the girls.) Don't force yourself to feel you need a boyfriend or give up your virginity. Smart girls don't! Once you leave high school you will probably never see most of those kids again, so why worry about it. There is a whole new world out there with so much to see and do and you'll be glad you kept yourself free to do so. In time, you'll meet some special guys that you will have in your life. Nope, sorry to say, you are quite normal! LOL Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: Is there something wrong with you if you are in grade 10 and have never had a boyfriend?
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No, there is nothing wrong with that.

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