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The pain you are experiencing is probably not a sign that something is wrong with your baby, but it could be a sign that something is wrong with your stomach: codeine is not tolerated well by many people. Having said that, if you had spare pills laying around and started taking them without a doctor's knowledge and direction, that was pretty dumb, considering you're pregnant. Using any medication during pregnancy that contains a narcotic may cause babies to be born with a physical addiction to the narcotic. It's more likely that it is YOU who are constipated as codeine will do that to you.

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Can you take fioricet and Tylenol 3 together?

There is 2 types of Fioricet one is plain with out Codeine(325mg Tylenol/ 40mg Caffeine/ 50 mg Butalbital)the other one is Fioricet with Codeine(325mg Tylenol/ 40mg Caffeine/ 50Butalbital/ 30mg Codeine)* Tylenol is abbreviated as APAP & Codeine is abbreviated as COD *All Tylenol #3 is 300mg Tylenol/ 30mg CodeineSo if you were taking the one without codeine you could if you really needed to but that's a lot of Tylenol to take in which could be harsh on the stomach & liver.

Can codeine be used to stop a running stomach?

is codeine used totreat a running stomach

Can you mix Advil with codeine?

codiene as a pain relieverusually codiene is already mixed with a pain reliever, like Tylenol. (Tylenol #3 is Tylenol with codiene) to add advil would probably do you no better, and might even contribuite to a stomach ache. But if you already did it, it won't hurt you.

Can Tylenol 3 give you a high feeling?

YES! i took 16 last night over the course of about an hour and a half, and i got an incredible body high. Tylenol#3 is acetaminophen and codeine. codeine is turned into morphine in the blood stream, so yea, you can get really high on Tylenol #3. i suggest 5 or 6 if you haven't tried it before. ----------- Just thought I'd add one thing... Acetaminophen can cause stomach discomfort and/or vomiting. The most of any pill I took was 21 vikes, which was stupidly high... If you want to smoke something similar to Tylenol #3 is Percocet(Oxycodone) Very potent! But will not have the stomach discomfort. And if that doesn't work, try naproxen.

Do you need to take Tylenol with food?

If you take Tylenol on an empty stomach are you likely to get an upset stomach?

Can you give dogs Tylenol three?

No, you should never give Tylenol 3 to dogs. Dogs are not small humans and they react very differently to human pain medications, particularly the NSAIDs like Tylenol. You can cause a fatal stomach ulcer with this medication. Also, Tylenol 3 has codeine in it, which is a controlled substance - to administer this outside the written prescription is illegal.

What helps stomach pains?


Is Tylenol bad for your stomach lining?


What are the advanges of using drug?

It can be used for medical purposes such as curing a stomach flu or something or relieve pain like Tylenol.

Does Tylenol upset your stomach?

for some people, ibuprofen does, but not everyone,im not sure about Tylenol

What will happen if you take 3 tablets of tylenol3?

Tylenol 3 has two drus - acetominophen and codeine. The acetominophen can have effects on the liver as well as cause stomach bleeding, but you have to take a lot to cause an acute toxicity. However, the codeine component is powerful and three tablets could be enough to cause an overdose, which could kill you.

Why do you get diarrhea only in the morning?

You can always get diarrhea it depends when you started getting your stomach ache and when you ate something that upset your stomach

Can you take paracetamol and codeine and ibuprofen together?

Yes but Ibuprofen and codeine are both hard on your stomach and together may cause nausea, vomiting and even stomach bleeding in some cases.

How many mg of codeine to feel euphoric?

For a lightweight new user on an empty stomach, 6 5 is sufficient, but I recommend eating something first. If you're a new user, don't take more than 5, especially if its Vicodin, too much tylenol will make your stomach hurt and kill your buzz. It'll take 30-50 minutes to kick in, and reach its peak about 1.5 hours in. Enjoy.

Can codeine hurt your stomach?

yes I got codeine when i broke my ankle and it made me throw up continuosly for like 4 hours

What types of medicines are most irritating to the stomach?

Asprin, Tylenol

Why do you get a stomach after you take 2 Tylenol?

Tylenol is TERRIBLE. That stuff is lethal and needs to be taken off the shelf. If you have a stomach ache, you should REALLY see a doctor because that stuff actually harms you. Next time, take ibuprofen or Motrin. Not Tylenol.

Is it safe to take Motrin with vicodin?

Yes. You just cant take Tylenol with it. I would eat something. Or drink s Glass of milk to coat the stomach

Can you take codeine phosphate and paracetamol on the same day?

Yes, you can take paracetamol (Tylenol) with codeine AS LONG AS the prescription does not say "APAP". APAP means that it already contains paracetamol which can increase risk of overdose and death.As always with Codeine Phosphate, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking it. You may need to increase your intake of clear fluids, as Codeine is notorious for causing constipation. You should take this medication with food as taking on a empty stomach can cause upset stomachs. Also, do not take codeine for long periods of time, it is a narcotic and can be habit forming.With Tylenol (paracetamol/acetaminophen/APAP) do not consume more than 4g (4000 mg) or 8 - extra strength (500 mg) tablets in any 24 hour period.

Can you take a fever reducer with promethazine?

Promethethazine is combined with codeine and sometimes Dextromethorphan that is classified as an antihistamine used to treat allergies, motion sickness, nighttime sedation and pain reliever. it is OK to take with ibuprofen, aspirin or acetominiphine(tylenol). if Advil or aspirin upset your stomach, then OK to take with Tylenol. there are no drug interactions. this drug also treats colds and cough.

Can you take Tylenol for stomach pain?

Yes, but it doesn't work great.

Is Tylenol the same as aspirin?

No. Tylenol is acetaminophen and aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. Tylenol is less bothersome to the stomach and doesn't cause blood thinning or have anti-inflammatory properties like aspirin does.

Which pill is better for pain relief advil or Tylenol?

Ibuprofen is an anti-imflamatory as well as pain killer. It can be hard on the stomach. Tylenol is neither.

Which is better for your liver Tylenol Advil or aleeve?

Tylenol is worst for your liver. nsaids are bad for your stomach. this is if you take too many or for too long.

Will Tylenol thin your bloode?

No Answer Not only is Tylenol not a blood thinner, but it also won't hurt your stomach which Anacin and Asprin will do if you take too many of either of them.

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