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It means special education. This is education for those with disabilities.

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Yes there is special education schools for teachers. Although it is actually a field of study and not a school. As for actual special education schools to teach in there are many out there.

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Q: Is there special education school for teachers?
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What is the average salary for a hospital special education teacher?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for a special education teachers as of May 2008 is as follows. * Special Education Teachers, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary School - $52,970. * Special Education Teachers, Middle School - $53,540. * Special Education Teachers, Secondary School - $55,050.

How much money does an experienced special education teacher with a masters degree earn if living in Oregon?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for a special education teacher as of May 2008 was as follows.Special Education Teachers, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary School, $52,970Special Education Teachers, Middle School, $53,540Special Education Teachers, Secondary School, $55,050

Where can I take special education training?

A good school for special education training is NASET. It is one of the few schools that mainly focus on training teachers for special education kids.

What has the author Michael S Rosenberg written?

Michael S. Rosenberg has written: 'Special education for today's teachers' -- subject(s): Special education, Education, Children with disabilities, Special education teachers, Study and teaching 'Special education for today's teachers' -- subject(s): Special education, Education, Children with disabilities, Special education teachers, Study and teaching 'The special education sourcebook' -- subject(s): Special education, Bibliography, Directories, Handbooks, manuals

What is the advancement of a special education teacher?

Special education teachers can advance to become supervisors or administrators. They also may earn advanced degrees and become instructors in colleges that prepare others to teach special education. In some school systems, highly experienced teachers can become mentors to less experienced teachers.

What has the author Thomas J Goodman written?

Thomas J. Goodman has written: 'A study of some characteristics of the professor of special education administration relating to communication and cooperation with professors of general education administration' -- subject(s): Training of, Teachers of children with disabilities, School administration teachers, Special education teachers, Teachers

Information about Becoming a Secondary School Special Education Teacher?

Secondary school special education teachers are trained to teach children with special needs in grades K-12. Special education teachers must work with an individualized education plan. This plan is designed to help special education teachers properly teach each special needs child in a class. Typically, a special education teacher will work with students who are mentally, emotionally, or physically impaired.RequirementsSpecial education teachers must have adequate training to properly teach students with special needs. Typically, a special education teacher must possess a four year degree in special education. Many special education degrees focus on specific areas of the field such as children with mild, moderate or severe disabilities. Individuals must have a certain amount of student teaching time before they may officially teach in a classroom. Before any individual may begin teaching special education, the PRAXIS test must be successfully taken and passed. The amount of schooling required to become a special education teacher may vary from state-to-state.Teachers must also be state certified before entering a classroom. State certification information will vary depending on each state's requirements. Individuals may opt to become licensed in general special education, which enables teachers to teach students in kindergarten through twelfth grade or become licensed in a certain area such as behavior disorders.Certain students studying to become special education teachers may wish to obtain a master's degree in special education once a bachelor's degree is earned.SalaryMany teachers who just enter the field of special education are paid a salary of around $33,000. Certain special education teachers may earn less money depending on the school district. Experienced special education teachers can earn upwards of $70,000 depending on previous experience, as well as location of the school.The average salary for a special education teacher is around $50,000. Many special education teachers earn more money by coaching students, as well as teaching classes during the summer months.The demand for special education teachers is expected to grow in the coming years. More special needs students are entering the school systems. More teachers are needed to keep up with the growing amount of special needs students in the school system.

Special Education Reaps Special Rewards?

Secondary school special education teachers have a rewarding and challenging job where they work with high school aged students who have a variety of disabilities. These teachers are responsible for developing and maintaining a curriculum based upon state standards as well as the physical and mental abilities of the students in their classroom. Secondary school special education teachers have a variety of job responsibilities and expectations. The most important of all is to ensure the enrichment of their students each and every day. Teachers can meet this goal by designing a unique curriculum for their students, focusing on the skills that the students need to develop the most. Often times secondary school education teachers have older students who need to be taught skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. These simple skills, such as preparing meals and counting money, can be the most valuable to students with disabilities. The minimum education requirement for secondary school special education teachers is a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. It is also required that all prospective secondary school special education teachers pass the mandatory tests to become licensed by their respective state of employment. These tests usually cover a large variety of special education topics and scenarios, so those who have either a background or specific degree in special education have a unique advantage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median starting annual salary for secondary school special education teachers is $50,810. Depending upon the state and the school district, the annual salary can range anywhere from $35,150 to $82,000. Along with a competitive salary, special education teachers are also offered comprehensive benefits and job security through unions in their school district. Because of this, many teachers are employed in the same district for most of their careers. The benefits of becoming a secondary school special education teacher are well worth the effort to get started on this career path. With the proper training and a desire to help, secondary school special education teachers have the unique opportunity to change the lives of their students for the better!

How many special education teachers in China?

In 2008, the Department of Labor reported 480,000 special education teachers in the United States.

What are the importance of special education to teachers?

Special education is important to teachers because one has to be qualified to work with these types of students. They have to know how to work with and understand students with disabilities and special needs; general education teachers are not able or qualified to do this.

What is the salary for Special Ed Teacher?

Special ed teachers usually are paid on the same scale as public elementary teachers. The amount varies widely from state to state and even district to district within a state and on whether the teachers are represented by a union.

What has the author V J Mackie written?

Romaine Prior Mackie has written: 'Special education in the United States: statistics 1948-1966' -- subject(s): Education, Children with disabilities 'Directors and supervisors of special education in local school systems' -- subject(s): Special education 'Teachers of crippled children and teachers of children with special health problems' -- subject(s): Education, Children with disabilities 'Teachers of children who are partially seeing' -- subject(s): Blind, Education, Teachers of the blind, Teachers of deafblind people 'Education of crippled children in the United States' -- subject(s): Education, Children with disabilities 'College and university programs for the preperation of teachers of exceptional children' -- subject(s): Training of, Special education teachers 'Teachers of children who are socially and emotionally maladjusted' -- subject(s): Education, Problem children