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Is there such a thing as a 'best' Scotch whiskey?

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Answer - 'Best' Scotch WhiskyThe short answer is NO. It is all down to personal taste. There are three types of Scotch Whisky (correct spelling) Blended, Single Malt and Pure Malt. There are over 2500 brands of Scotch Whisky, only 200 or so are available for the home market. The rest are for export, private clubs, collector's etc.

The best Whisky is the one that someone else buys for you. Just to say that there is also Delux blends that contain a higher proportion of malt whiskey as opposed to grain.

There is also whiskey known as vatted malt.

2011-09-13 10:17:51
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What is Scotch?

You may be thing of Scotch Whisky. That is to say whiskey made in Scotland.

What is difference between scotch and whiskey?

Scotch is a whiskey that is made in Scotland.

Is Seagrams VO whiskey or scotch?

It is Canadian whiskey, Scotch must be made in Scotland.

What is the difference between whiskey and scotch?

Scotch refers specifically to whiskey which is distilled in Scotland.

Is green label johnny walker whiskey a pure malt or scotch whiskey?


Best selling scotch whiskey in world?

Due to its popularity in China, Chivas Regal is the number one scotch sold.

How many sugars in Scotch whiskey?

There is no sugar in whiskey.

What is better for you whiskey or beer?

scotch or spirits... not drinking at all is the best of them all!

What is the difference between scotch and whiskey?

Scotch is a particular type of whiskey, first made in Scotland, which is aged in oak casks.Answer #2Scotch is whiskey made in Scotland.If whiskey is made anywhere else in the world; even by the same people using the exact same recipie and tools, it is not scotch.#3Scotch is a trade name and must meet requirements for ingredients, aging, and distilling. All Scotch is made in Scotland, all whiskey made in Scotland in not Scotch.

Does scotch whiskey have cholesterol?


Is Scotch Scottish?

Yes, scotch whiskey is whiskey made in Scotland. You will notice that although there is good whiskey made in other countries, Ireland for example, the bottle will say what kind of whiskey it is : single, double malt, blend but not call it scotch.

What are the differences between Scotch and whiskey?

Scotch is a variety of whisky but all whiskies are not Scotch.

Does scotch whiskey contain msg?

No, whiskey does not contain msg.

Is jameson a scotch?

No, Jameson is an Irish whiskey. Scotch whiskey (note the different spelling) must be distilled and bottled in Scotland.

How is scotch whiskey produced?


Does scotch have caffine in it?

No. If it's Scotch whiskey and the substance caffeine you mean.

How manyCarbohydrates in single malt scotch whiskey?

There are no carbohydrates in any whiskey.

What is scotch whiskey made from?

Scotch whiskey is distilled from fermented malted barley that has often been smoked over a peat fire.

Where does glenlivet scotch whiskey come from?

Um....Scotland. The clue is in the word 'Scotch'.

How many grams of sugar in scotch whiskey?

grams of sugar in scotch

What are some examples of scotch and some of whiskey?

Scotch is made in Scotland and aged in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years, either blended or Single Malt. Whiskey is made in America and Ireland. Whisky without the "e" is made in Scotland, Canada. Look up Scotch whiskey distilleries for examples of Scotch. Look up Irish whiskey or American whiskey for examples of those.

Scotch whiskey whate is it made of?

Scotch whiskey is distilled from malted barley that may or may not have been smoked over a peat fire.

Is Antiquity Whiskey or Scotch Whiskey?

Antiquity whiskey is matured whiskey with age made anywhere while Scotch Whisky is malt whiskey made in Scotland. In Scotland it's spelt "Whisky" from "uisge" Gaelic for water. "Whiskey" refers to liquor produced elswhere.

When was scotch whiskey invented?

200 A.D.

What is the sugar content of scotch whiskey?