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Is there such thing as a 4wd 240sx?

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it's called extreme modding. maybe a 2JZ or RBDETT engine with full suspension mod with welding and all.....

course... that's a stubborn 240 lover.

similar to those that drop corvette or stang engines in them just to still have their 240 but with a v-8

personally, i'd take a skyline full upgrade, or a supra full upgrade, but you're talkin some freakin serious cash.

(sighs) It's called a R13/R14 conversion and if you want it you have to go through Full Race out in Arizona. It's their baby and the only one's to do this sucessfully there ya go for all to know.

yes and no/ this guy is right and wrong no not all four tires spin at the same time but yes because there is a steering mechanism on some 240sx's called super hicas, this allows the back two wheels to very slighty turn in the direction of the front wheels

2011-01-26 01:18:28
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Will any sr20det engine fit in my Nissan 1990 240sx hatchback.MEANING A 1991-1998 SR?

yes it will and its about the best thing you could do to a 240Sx.

Fix reverse lights 240sx?

No problem, bring it in first thing in the morning and i will get right on it......

Is a 1995 Nissian 240SX Engine compatible to 1992 Nissian 240SX?

Is a 1995 Nissian 240SX Engine compatible to 1992 Nissian 240SX?

Will a 1992 ka24de 240sx engine fit in a 1989 240sx?


Will a 91-93 240sx bumper fit on an 89 240sx?

Yes, late model bumpers will fit on 89-90 240sx

Will a 92 240sx motor work in 95 240sx?

Sure it will, they are the same motor.

What was the first year of the Nissan 240sx?

The Nissan 240SX was brought to America in 1989.

What is the 240SX wheel offset?

15x6" +40mm for all 240sx 15" wheels.

Will tein coilovers from 1998 240sx fit on a 1996 240sx?

Yes they will, no modification needed.

Will a 91 240sx radiator fit in a 95 240sx?

it will fit but you need to modify the mounts.

Can you use a brake booster for an automatic 95 Nissan 240sx on a manual 240sx?


Does a 1989 Stanza engine KA24E work with a 1989 240sx?

Well if you look at the 240sx you will see that although the engine size is the same KA24E the engine on the 240sx is SIDEWAYS.

Will a 1992 240sx transmission fit a 1989 240sx motor?

Yes the two transmissions are interchangeable.

Where can you find a free schematic Nissan 240sx?

From the dealer or search google for 240sx FSM, there at the end of that

Will the doors on a 1996 240sx fit on a 1992 240sx?

no, they will not fit. they are 2 different body styles

Will a 1990 Nissan 240sx gas tank fit a1995 240sx?

No it will not, they are 2 different designs.

What is the Thermostatic Air Cleaner for a 240SX?

No 240sx has a thermostatic air cleaner, only an air filter

How do you flush the radiator on a 1990 Nissan 240sx?

there is a plug on the bottom of the radiator, pull it. what i do is take the whole thing out and you a garden hose and flush it out like that.

Can a 1992 240sx transmission fit in a 1990 Nissan 240sx?

Yup, the bell housings are exactly the same.

Will a 1992 240sx transmission fit in a 1989 240sx?

Dispite the different motors the transmissions are infact the same.

Will a 240sx computer box fit in a ka24e hardbody?


Is a Nissan 240SX a Japanese car?

Yes it is, the Nissan 240SX was assembled in Japan and brought to America in 1989.

Driver window is out of alignment on a 95 Nissan 240sx?

Driver window is out of alignment on a 95 Nissan 240sx? what do i do

How much oil 2.4 Nissan 240sx?

how many quarts of engine oil does 89 240sx takes

What weighes more 1990 Nissan 240sx hatchback or 1990 Nissan 240sx coupe?

From reviews I found on from when the 240sx first came out: the coupe weighs 2,657 and the hatch weighs 2,684.