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I was bitten today by a small black insect with yellow stripes, I think it was a spider but I am not too sure.

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it ispoisonous we think check it out on biology

A small black bug with yellow stripes that is found in kitchen drawers can be either a beetle or a bug called "yellow jacket".

They eat crickets and small spiders.Also,they eat small bugs but not ants.

The Black Widow Spider has either a yellow, red, or orange hourglass, but sometimes can look like a dot. Links:

A garden spider, if it looks like this: Apparently a Argiope aurantia. We have them all over the place here and I've never heard of them being dangerous.

Coral snakes are relatively small snakes. They are tri-colors - yellow, red and black. The coral snake distinguishes itself from copycats, such as the king snake, by the coloration of the stripes. If the yellow stripes touch the red stripes the snake is a coral snake.

Deer Flys can have black stripes on their wings.

The insect that looks like a fly but has no wings and has black with white stripes and looks like a cross between a spider and a fly is namely, Jerusalem cricket.

Tungaw is a huge yellow bug with black and purple stripes that is poisonous to humans and other small can be found in Asia

either its a new spider species, or its just a make believe spider!!

if it is a small spider then I'm geussing that it is a wolf spider (shudder) or more commonly known as a garden spider maybe?

There are a number of warblers that meet this general description. Alternately, it may be a goldfinch.

i've also come across these. they look like small tarantulas but when seaching further found these to be female Three-spotted Jumping Spider, Phidippus audax

Is this a trick question? The answer is there are several small mammals with black stripes on it's back. The Chipmunk is an example. So is Rhabdomys pumilio, the Striped Mouse, or Grass Mouse.

You can make Halloween spider legs out of black pipe cleaners for small decorations. Halloween costume spider legs can be made of black material or black tights.

They're hybrids: they're cross between a tiger and a spider, they're half tiger and half spider

One small yellow worm with a black head is called the yellow striped oak worm. These can be found on oak trees.

it might be The Northern Black Spide

Sounds like a black widow spider - does it look like this (check related links)?

My guess is that this spider you saw was either a Jumping Spider (quite possibly a Daring Jumping Spider) or a Parson Spider.

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