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Yes, white does exist in horses. It is called 'Dominate White' and is a genetic mutation of the Kit gene. It causes a white coat, pink skin, and brown eyes. There are also other forms of white caused by the Sabino and Splashed white genes (this can also cause blue eyes instead of brown) .

White is not to be confused with Grey where the horses coat turns white over a period of time. (They have grey skin under the hair.) Or Double Dilutes, such as cremello, perlino, and smoky cream. These horses have pink skin, blue eyes and an off-white or creamy colored coat.

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How far is mayo from white horse?

completely different there is no such thing as a white horse they are all gray

What is the color of the white horse of Napolean?

gray there is no such thing as a white horse i know because i happen to own a gray horse his name is Ice In A Moment

Is there such thing as a pure white horse?

Yes. The Liepensinger Stallions are all pure white. Silver was a pure white stallion.

Are there such thing as unicorns?

No - it is an imaginary creature, usually a white horse with a horn in its head.

She has a white string looking thing hanging off of her nipple what is it?

horse of corse

Can a race horse be white?

Technically, there is no such thing as a true white horse. All "white horses" are variations of grey. There is a white grey because it is a variation of grey. So yes, there are such things as "white" grey racehorses. They aren't very common, though.

Is a horse a thing?

yes, a horse is a thing. A horse is an animal

What is the white Bengals tiger's favorite thing to eat?

they love to eat horse meat and buffol

Are there any white Wild Horses?

horses aren't really white, some may be really light gray, but there's no such thing as a true white horse

Are there such thing as a horse?

Yes there really is such thing as a horse.

What color was Henry The 5ths white horse?

If he had a white horse, the color was WHITE.

What were the colors of the cartwrights horses?

Buck, Ben's horse, was a buckskin. Sport, Adam's horse, was a sorrel. Chubb or Chubby, Hoss's horse, was a dark brown. Cochise, Little Joe's horse, was a black and white pinto or a piebald. Black and white pinto means the same thing as piebald.

Is a zebra a white horse with black stripes or a black horse with white stripes?

A zebra is a white horse with black stripes. :)

What does the American paint horse look like what breed is the American paint horse?

the paint horse is a quarter horse. they are colored like brown and white, black and white. buckskin and white, any color that a horse is, with white.

What are pony's with blue mane and white skin?

There is no such thing as a horse with a blue mane and white skin. However a grey horse (has grey or black skin) can have a light grey mane which could appear blue in the right light and a white looking coat.

What color was Washington's white horse?

He doesn't have a horse its a limousine White.

What does a white horse eat?

a white horse eat hay and grass

How does a white horse sleep?

a white horse sleeps by standing up

Which horse is all white?

Only two breeds of horse can be all white, as in the true white color. (Pink skin, white hair coat.) These would be the American White horse and the Camarillo White horse.Other horse may be confused for white but are usually grey or maximum white sabinos.

Can a white horse have a black main?

Well it depends, if you mean white as in dominant white, then no the entire horse would be white. If you mean white as in a grey horse gone white, it is possible, though not seen much, typically the mane whitens along with the rest of the horse.

Why is your horse brown and white?

My horse is not brown and white. She is gold with a white mane an tail (hair) if a horse is brown and white with patches, its a paint horse. If its opposite, its a Pinto. There are many types of paint (Tobiano, Overo, Piebald, Skewblad) Or it may be a bay or brown horse with white markings

Is there such thing as a flying horse in heaven?

In mythology, the pegasus is a flying horse. These are pictured in most depictions of Heaven. The pegasus can be any color, however in these pictures they are mostly white

What does Julia Robert's character in Pretty Woman want at the end?

prince to ride up on a white horse thing

When did White Horse by Taylor Swift come out?

White Horse came out in 1586

Who sings the big white horse?

Taylor Swift sings White Horse

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